10 Most Popular Bachelors Degrees

Getting your degree has always been important, but today it’s more important than ever because of the world that we live in. The job market is more competitive than ever, and everybody is looking for a way to move forward and find a better paying and more rewarding career. The most popular degrees today are often offered online, thanks to the great advancements in technology and the growing number of institutions offering online education. Take a look at a list of the 10 most popular Bachelors degrees to see for yourself what kinds of opportunities are out there and what other people are taking advantage of today.

1. Business Administration – This has always been one of the most popular degrees, and it’s still very popular today. Some individuals join the workforce right away while others continue education even further for an MBA program. Even without the MBA though, you can earn a $55k salary in an entry level gig depending on where you end up.

2. Criminal Justice – Criminal justice is another one of the longstanding popular Bachelors degrees. There is a wide range of career paths, from police officers to lawyers to working with the government in various departments. Starting salary here varies greatly but is in the $40k range.

3. Psychology – Psychology has also always been very popular and that remains true today. Some people with this degree end up going into the fields of research and study, while others work with social services or get their own counseling practice. Of course, masters and PhDs are also very popular to obtain after starting with this degree, but starting salaries without it can be around $45k.

4. Nursing – Nursing is one of the most popular degrees because it’s such a rewarding line of work. Of course, it’s also a high demand field right now, and there’s a huge range of different opportunities for the right candidates. You can find a starting salary of at least $40,000 with a nursing degree, and you’ll have a wide range of options for your career. You can even get your BSN in 1 year through an Accelerated Nursing Program.

5. Education – Education, particularly K-12 education and specialization of particular age and grades, is also popular. You’ll learn all about teaching from developing lesson plans to interacting and connecting with students and more. Teachers can expect starting salaries of $30k, but of course it’s a rewarding field with great hours and benefits.

6. Engineering – There are many different types of specialized engineering degrees, and general or all purpose engineering covers a lot of different topics. Some of these specializations are some of the fastest growing and most popular Bachelors degrees of any because they have the highest starting salaries. For example, petroleum engineering can bring in a salary of $85k.

7. Health Administration – A wide range of opportunities is available with a health administration degree where you can end up with nonprofit organizations, social service and welfare programs, other governmental roles, the healthcare industry and much more. You can expect to find a starting salary of $40k depending in the position and path you end up taking.

8. Computer Sciences – Computer sciences are still in great demand as the world of technology continues to explode, advance and evolve each and every day it seems. Learning all abut technological development, efficient operation for business, communication and more can help a computer science major enter a high demand field with a starting salary of $50k.

9. Accounting – Accounting might not be the flashiest of the most popular degrees that are available, but it’s a field that you know is always going to be widespread. That’s perhaps even more true than ever before today, because of the increased need for business watchdogs and self-regulation. CPAs can earn over $45k as they begin their careers, and there are many different career roles and situations.

10. Human Services – If you love giving back and helping the community than perhaps human services is the right one of the popular Bachelors degrees for you. Whether you work with nonprofits or the government sector, or even privatized community welfare programs, it’s a very rewarding and hands-on profession with starting salaries in the $30k to $35k range.

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