Accelerated Nursing Programs

If you’re looking for facts and information on accelerated BSNs, then you’re in the right place. In this quick guide you’ll find out all of the important info on accelerated nursing programs, and you might just find that it’s a good option for yourself to consider as well.

A BSN program is a Bachelors of Science in Nursing. When it’s accelerated, it means that you can accomplish it in much less time than would be typical. For second degree students looking to change fields into nursing, that means potentially less than a year to get the BSN!

For individuals seeking their first degree, the time can still be shortened into a two year window, saving you years off of your education. This savings in time translates to you getting a job and beginning your career sooner with much less downtime, which is a huge benefit.

There are several ways that accelerated nursing programs can get you in and out so quickly. The classes are condensed and you’ll be working hard to get through everything in less time. But you also take a combination of core classes and bridge courses to provide you with all of the knowledge you need while skipping over credits and requirements you don’t.

Overall, in 2010 nursing was the fourth most popular degree in the United States, and the rise of accelerated BSNs is just one factor of this. Other positives of a career in nursing include great pay, a rewarding job that allows you to work with and help people, a wide range of options, and increasing demand for educated individuals to join the field.

In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that there is a need for over half a million new and replacement registered nursing positions over the next seven years. That’s a massive need, and it means that students with the right background will find a wealth of opportunities and will have their pick of jobs.

In addition to accelerated BSNs, students can take things further and find accelerated nursing programs at more advanced post-graduate levels, including masters and doctorate programs. While there are about 225-240 accelerated BSN programs right now, there are another 60 or so at the post-graduate level, which is an appealing opportunity for many students.

Another aspect of a nursing education is that it lends itself to travel. Nursing jobs are always available around the world and it is a great way to explore the globe as it offers decent pay and stable work.

Hopefully by now you have a better idea about what the accelerated BSN is all about. The facts are pretty exciting; there is a huge need for more registered nurses, there are hundreds of schools to choose from, the career is rewarding, accelerated programs can see you finish your education in potentially less than a year, and much more. If all of this sounds exciting to you then you may be one of the many prospective students to go back to school for an accelerated BSN.