The Best Accelerated Nursing Programs 2013

If you had told your mother just ten years ago that you were going to get a bachelor’s degree in nursing online and do it in one year, she would have looked at you as if you had grown three heads.  The continuing and growing need for nurses with degrees is one of the most pressing needs in the United States.  As a result, hospitals, doctors and nursing colleges are all encouraging all those who are interested and qualify to get an accelerated degree and get to work.  The best accelerated nursing programs 2013 are those allow nurses to continue their education with clinical experience and advanced degrees in specialized fields.

Advance Nursing Specialty Programs and Degrees

Doctors and hospitals already know that they need more qualified healthcare workers in the following fields in order to meet the needs of the aging population and the requirements for the new healthcare laws.

  • Physician Assistants in Medical, Surgical and Gerontology
  • Registered Nurses in Gerontology, Psychology and Emergency Room Nursing
  • Registered Nurses in Sonogram Analytics

Support Services for Medical Specialties

Nursing, Sonogram Analysts and degrees that lead to becoming a Physician’s Assistant positions that cannot be outsourced to foreign countries.  If you have a desire to work in nursing or an affiliated field, go for a bachelor’s degree instead of a certificate or associate degree.  As most doctors, hospitals, nursing homes and clinics are requiring a bachelor’s degree and registered nurses on their staffs, a certificate and/or associate degree will only result in a minimum wage position that may become outmoded in the next five years.

Accelerated Advanced Nursing Degrees As Well

In addition to the best accelerated nursing programs 2013 that provide bachelor degrees, there are accelerated degrees that are available to acquire your Master’s.  A position as a Physician’s Assistant requires a Master’s Degree in Nursing as a Bridge degree plus at least three years of nursing practice at a major hospital in surgery, orthopedics, general medical, emergency room and gerontology care.  By getting your accelerated nursing degree in one year and experience in the next three years, you could become qualified to become a Physician’s Assistant in five years from now.  The difference in income is worth the effort.  Registered nurses with a bachelor’s degree start at $23.00 hour at any hospital. A Physician’s Assistant’s starting salary is $85,000 a year or $46.00 hour.

CCNE Accredited RN to BSN Programs

For those who are already RNs and graduates of Associate Degree programs or hospital nursing programs, a special accelerated program has been made available for you.  These are all online degree programs that are accepted in all but Washington State and Arkansas at this time.  However, these two states do have the results under review now and the acceptance of this degree may change in these two states any day.

Top Pay for Nurses with Bachelor Degrees

Each of the best accelerated nursing programs 2013 listed above is accepted by nearly every state and every hospital as a legitimate degree allowing you to become a registered nurse after passing your state boards.  If you are changing careers or seeking a new one, the healthcare industry is calling for your skills in many fields.