Petroleum Engineering Degrees

When you graduate from an accredited university with a degree in petroleum engineering, you walk away ready to find the highest median starting salary of any other degree that’s available anywhere. Not only that, but this kind of profession offers many different benefits and some exciting opportunities and specializations. Here’s what you need to know about petroleum engineering before diving in and getting started today.

The average starting salary for petroleum engineering ranges from more than $85k to more than $100k. That’s obviously a huge sum of money for somebody at entry level in any field or industry, and that’s how it has gotten to the highest earning degree status that it now holds. Bringing in this kind of earning potential is of course hugely enticing to many prospective students, making this a powerful and growing field.

Of course, if there was any business or industry in the world that could afford to pay this kind of starting salary then it would have to be the oil industry. Everything we do and make use of is in some way connected to oil, whether we like it or not, and the huge global corporations at its head rake in profits by the billions.

So the industry is always looking for intelligent and capable individuals to help steer them in an even better direction in the future. When you grab your petroleum engineering degree that’s what you’ll be tasked to do, but what exactly does it mean? One of the primary areas of concern for these individuals will be finding oil reserves and also analyzing them to see what they contain and whether it’s a worthwhile venture.

Another primary concern for the petroleum engineering field is then taking that analysis a step further and determining the proper way of getting to and extracting all of that oil. There are several different potential methods, and new means are always being tested out as well. It’s all about finding something that’s as efficient and cost-effective as possible, while also keeping everything safe and under control.

From there, the last major concern for those participating in petroleum engineering will be the transportation and logistics of all of this oil. What refineries are you near, should there be pipelines constructed and if so, where and how should it happen, and more. This is another huge area of importance for the industry and is a major focus of the job.

To get started with petroleum engineering you need to be well acclimated to mathematics and all of the sciences, ranging from geology to chemistry to physics. Computer sciences and a strong computer background can also be very advantageous as well, because technology is always becoming more and more important for analysis and data.

If you got started with your program today, you can be out in the field for yourself and earning those huge salary figures in just a few years. Many people pursue an advanced level degree such as a masters in petroleum engineering, so you’ll have to determine if that also makes sense for you personally.

With a degree in petroleum engineering you can earn a huge sum of money and you can even enjoy a job where you can travel the world. To get started, you just need to find the right online program that can help you dive into the industry. Petroleum engineering is where it’s at today if you’re looking to earn the most money right from your degree.