Top 10 Degrees For Highest Starting Salary

A common question from prospective students and other considering expanding their education is which of the available degrees will allow graduates to earn the most money.

The National Association of Colleges and Employers have just released their research results listing the top 10 degrees that pay the most in the first year. The results this year show that with engineering degrees leading to employment in the resource and engineering sector dominating the top ten while financial, accounting and business related majors that were so strong in recent years have dropped out. The good news is however that overall the average starting salaries have increased slightly over the 2010 figures which again were slightly higher than the 2009 figures.

The Top 10 Degrees for 2011 based on graduate starting salaries.

1.         $93,000 PA.       Petroleum Engineering Degree

2.         $64,800 PA.       Chemical Engineering Degree

3.         $63,900 PA.       Nuclear Engineering Degree

4.         $61,200 PA.       Computer Engineering Degree

5.         $60,800 PA.       Electrical Engineering Degree

6.         $59,400 PA.       Aerospace Engineering Degree

7.         $59,400 PA.       Mining & Mineral Engineering Degree

8.          $58,300 PA.      Mechanical Engineering Degree

9.          $58,200 PA.       Industrial Engineering Degree

10.       $56,700 PA.       Software Engineering Degree

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2010 Results

The Top 10 Degrees for 2010 based on graduate starting salaries.

1.         $86,220 PA.    Petroleum Engineering Degree

2.         $65,142 PA.    Chemical Engineering Degree

3.         $64,552 PA.    Mining & Mineral Engineering Degree

4.         $61,205 PA.    Computer Science Degree

5.         $60,879 PA.    Computer Engineering Degree

6.         $59,074 PA.    Electrical/Electronics & Communications Engineering Degree

7.         $58,392 PA.    Mechanical Engineering Degree

8.         $57,734 PA.    Industrial/Manufacturing Engineering Degree

9.         $57,231 PA.    Aerospace/Aeronautical/ Astronautical Engineering Degree

10.       $54,038 PA.    Information Sciences & Systems Degree

* PA. = Per Annum