Top 10 Universities Offering Online Degrees

If you wish to take on an online degree, you obviously want the best. Finding the right institution for your studies is essential, and you are in luck because we have compiled a list of the top 10 universities offering online bachelor’s programs. 1.     Pace University Pace University is a private university and has had […]

The Five Hardest Challenges for Online Degree Students

Online degrees are not really new, but many people are still skeptical about their validity. That said; their value is undeniable as they provide a very convenient form of study. This makes them beneficial for working professionals who do not have the time to go back to school. However, there are obvious challenges that students […]

Paid Internships Are Out There – How to Find One

Thousands of students look for internships every year. The competition is stiff and it also doesn’t help that most organizations do not pay their interns or even hire interns at all. However, this shouldn’t dampen your search for an internship that pays because there are quite many out there. Companies such as Facebook pay their […]

Online Degree Tip # 8: The Art of Networking

In the world we are living in today, networking plays an important role in the lives of students no matter the medium of education they are using for completing their degrees. With the world so connected through the internet, students can no longer deny that networking can assist them in not only improving their chances […]

Online Degree Tip # 7: Setting Realistic Goals

Planning ahead and setting goals is of primary importance in the life of a student. Without having goals to achieve, a student would find it hard to progress further in his academic life. Goals are a means of providing inspiration to the student which keep him motivated to continue trying until he has arrived at […]

Online Degree Tip # 6: What Determines Your Success?

The online education medium is becoming quite popular among the students belonging to both the young and old age groups. As the benefits of this model of education are becoming known, more and more people are adopting it for completing their college degrees. Since this method of learning allows the students to pace their studies […]

Online Degree Tip # 5 – How to Save Money on Books

The cost of books is by far the most important concern of college students after their tuition fee. With each book costing about $200, it can become awfully difficult for a student to buy all the books that have been prescribed by his professor. What is more concerning for the students is that the publishers […]

Online Degree Tip # 4: The Balancing Act – Family, Friends and Fun

Time management is of key importance for students who adopt distance learning as their medium for completing their education. Whether you are an adult who is returning to education after a long time or are a working guy who is trying to achieve a higher degree to get a promotion or a new job, chances […]

Online Degree Tip # 3: Student Loans Are Not Just for Traditional Students

Long distance education has proven to be a great hit with adult students, who for some reason had to abandon their education and now want to get a college degree. For these non-traditional students, there are a number of online degree courses being offered by educational institutions that have made it a lot easier for […]

Online Degree Tip # 2: The Discipline of Setting Boundaries

Boundaries are required for keeping the students in check in any educational environment. However for the online students, setting the boundaries is a task that they have to do by themselves. Since they do not have a traditional teacher present over their heads, it is up to them to decide the extent and nature of […]

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