Career Planning: Where To Get Good Career Planning Advice When You Need It

Making decisions about your career and job direction are some of the most important decisions you will make in your life. They are also the most difficult. Making the right career planning decisions has a direct effect on our lives, job satisfaction, happiness and the money we are able to earn. They include small day to day decisions right up to huge, life changing decisions. The sad thing is that most of us are not prepared or educated to make these decisions. We are not taught how to make good career decisions at school. The result of this is that career planning decisions are normally made without sound, qualified, objective advice.

The problem with finding good career planning advice and guidance is that finding someone you can turn to for advice, who you can trust and will discuss your options at length and has the knowledge and experience to advise you is extremely difficult. You cant ask your co-workers, as they might someday be your boss and you certainly cant ask your boss as you don’t want him or her thinking you are in any way unhappy with your current job. The second people in your workplace think you are unsettled or looking for a change you will loose credibility and your commitment to the company will be questioned.

Your family probably won’t give honest and objective career advice either. This is because they are unable to relate to what you are going through and a career change is a scary thing and potentially threatening. Most family members, even if they want the best for you, really don’t want change.

To get the right advice you need to talk to a career planning professional or service. There are many available who can be found through our site who are set up specifically for this purpose. They have various methods to determine exactly the type of work you are suited to. Career interest testing can be used determine what your true passion is, Career personality testing is used to determine the careers that you would be best suited to based on your personality type. There are also professional career coaches who deliver both career advice and career direction which can be done over the phone at a very reasonable price. All of these services are great value when you have a look at the difference good career planning can have to your life.

The benefits of good career planning are:

  • You will be doing work that you love and getting paid to do it
  • You will wake up every day excited to get into your work
  • You will be more motivated and positive about life in general
  • The time you spend at work will seem to go quicker because you are enjoying what you are doing
  • You will do better at work when doing something you truly enjoy
  • You will be successful because you are doing something you are interested in and meant to do
  • You will feel confident that you are on the right career path and headed in the right direction
  • You will find that more opportunities will come your way
  • Obstacles that would have once appeared huge will now seem so much smaller
  • You will feel more alive and energetic than before
  • You will enjoy life more than you thought possible
  • People around you will feel your energy and will be attracted to you
  • You will be earning more money and able to save for your future
  • You can afford to live the life you deserve
  • You are able to give to charity
  • You have the time and energy to volunteer in your community
  • You will have time for yourself, for exercise and personal growth
  • You will have more free time to spend with your family and friends

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