How to Become a Contractor

Being a contractor is very risky profession. Since you will be self-employed and handling the contracts alone, you will be assuming the risk for your business clients paying for your work. The business of contracting is about providing goods or services to your business client for which they will pay you in return. The most popular field for contractors is the construction industry. They supply developers with all their construction supply needs.

How Do You Become A Contractor?

Students who are interested in being a contractor must know all about the contracting business first. It will take a lot of time and experience to get used to this business and how it works. Knowing more about it through education will be helpful in making you a successful contractor. Working in a contractor company will also help you learn more about how the business operates. So, how to become a contractor?

  • Do I Need Education?

Formal education is not a requirement to become a contractor but it will be to your favor if you have a degree to your name. For those contractors who want to work in the construction field, taking online engineering courses or even completing any accelerated online degree will be a big advantage. Completing a business degree or online architect degree will also be helpful in building your own contracting business. The more education you have, the more you will be prepared in entering the contracting business. Anything that will add to your learning experience should be pursued.

  • Take Part In Apprenticeship Programs

In becoming a contractor, trade skills are valuable. It is best to apply for apprenticeship programs so you can work with contractors in the field and learn to develop the important trade skills. Employers are very happy to get you on board as this means more skilled workers on their projects. There are also unions that will offer apprentice programs to contractors with the goal of helping them gain experience in the industry.

  • Develop Leadership

In the process of your training, you must also develop your leadership skills. Contractors should be good and efficient leaders. This is another reason why formal education or online courses will benefit you. In civil engineering and online business courses, you will be taught to lead people. Successful management of staff and workers are keys to a successful contracting business.

  • Get Your Contractor License

The last step on how to become a contractor is to obtain your contracting license. Each state will have varying requirements for licensing. You must know what type of contracting you will focus on as licenses are obtained within a specialized area of contracting. General contracting is an option for most contractors who are still not sure of what area to specialize in.

  • Enjoy Being A Contractor

Now that you are contractor, it is time to start your own contracting business. Talk to construction companies and developers about your business so they can include you in their list of contractors. The work experience you gained will allow you to build your clientele as well. Landing a contract with a big company will signify that you have made it.

Contracting Seems Difficult, Why Should I Become A Contractor?

Becoming a contractor may not be a popular career choice but there are plenty of reasons why you should consider being one. Here are some of them:

  • As a self-employed contractor, you will have total control of your money. If you start a business, there is no limit to your earning power compared to working for an employer. For instance, if you want to focus on house painting, it is a must that you hire more employees and increase your advertising and marketing. If you really want to make money in construction, you should keep growing your business. You may deal with a lot of headaches everyday but the projects will be financially rewarding. There is no ceiling on how much your business can earn.
  • Contractors have the luxury of making their own schedules. That is because you are your own boss. You can delegate duties and responsibilities even if you are not in the office. Compared to a 9 to 5 job, you will feel pressured to spend the whole time at the office and even give your tasks to supervisors and managers if you need a sick leave or vacation leave. If you are running your own contractor business, you will have more control of your time.
  • A contractor’s job is fulfilling in many ways. Contractors get to build something that is lasting and this is a great accomplishment. Every time a project is complete, you feel satisfaction and fulfillment that you are a part of that new creation. Plenty of corporate jobs cannot provide you with this sense of fulfillment since most tasks have intangible results.
  • Contractors are always on the move. Sitting behind a desk 40 hours a week weakens the body and leads to obesity and unhealthy lifestyle. When you are a contractor, you are physically active as you are always busy working on site, supervising or doing manual labor as well.

You will experience bumps on the road when you pursue a career in contracting but once you are experienced and knowledgeable in this field, it will be smooth sailing. A successful contracting business will reap in thousands of dollars every month and there is no other way but up. Once you become successful, your contracting business will be a success and you can relax a little more.