How To Become A Plumber

Ever since Joe the Plumber was thrust in the national spotlight, many people have wondered how to become a plumber. It is to their benefit to ask such a question. The plumbing profession is a reliable one and it will always be in demand. Yes, the market may have its ups and downs, but problems with home plumbing will occur regardless of any external market factors. As such, the plumbing profession is one that is “evergreen”. That means it is generally a safe career to seek employment. Of course, plumbing is a trade and that means anyone who wishes to become a plumber will need to learn the trade. That is the first step in the journey of how to become a plumber.

One common ways people enter the plumbing field is through their local plumbers union. The union offers an apprentice program which you can directly apply for. It is not easy to be accepted into such a program, but applicants who meet the necessary criteria will be accepted. Once they are accepted, the applicants will enter into an apprentice program. This program is a mix of classroom and hands on training. The program runs for up to four years. After this time period, the apprentice graduates to full plumber status. Of course, all the benefits that accompany such status become available.

But, what if you are turned down by the union? Are you chances of entering the profession dashed? No, there are others ways to become a plumber. Probably the most common would be to enter a trade school that teaches how to become a plumber. It is necessary to pay tuition to enter a trade school and you will not earn any revenue during the hands on period, but you will learn the necessary skills required to make a living as a plumber.

On a side note: it is best to look into trade schools that offer a job placement program. You do not want to find yourself in a position where you graduate and have no employment lined up. A placement program can help you avoid this scenario.

However, if you do graduate a plumbing trade school and do not have any employment lined up, how do you become a plumber? Well, you have to find an employer willing to hire you. Thankfully, such employers are out there. You just have to locate them. The best place to look would be the various plumbing businesses that may be looking to hire plumbers on a contract basis. Inquiring with such companies could lead to a great job opportunity. If you do not find a job right away, don’t panic. Simply keep applying. And, for that matter, you could still keep applying to the plumbing union’s apprentice program as well.

There may be other steps one could follow in their journey of how to become a plumber. The steps detailed herein are among the most common. Use them as a guide and feel free to add any other steps you may find helpful. The links at the top of this page are a great start.  Ultimately, if you do your best you will achieve a desired outcome