Plumber Hourly Rates – What Is The Hourly Rate Of A Plumber?

There are certain jobs that are constantly in demand. One such job is that of a professional plumber. No matter what happens to the economy, when a plumbing problem develops it will need to be fixed. That is why many people look to enter the plumbing profession. However, a number of questions have been raised as to what is the hourly rate of a plumber actually. So, what exactly does a plumber earn per hour? Read on to find out…

It is important to keep in mind, that not all plumbers are equal on the pay scale. A union plumber will earn more than one who is non-union. An apprentice will earn less than someone who has been in the profession for many years. So, consider the following a “ballpark” look at the wages plumbers earn per year.

The average salary of a plumber in the United States is somewhat misleading. It is listed at $27,000 a year but this figure includes the salaries of all people in the plumbing profession. As such, a Plumber’s Helper only earns $18,000 a year whereas a Master Plumber earns in the neighborhood of $47,000 a year. So, for clarity’s sake, we will break down the salaries into the $20K, 30K, and 40K+ range.

Those who are starting out in the plumbing profession are essentially earning a salary while they work. A Plumber’s Helper earns the aforementioned $18,000 but they drop the apostrophe S when they become a Plumber Helper and, in doing so, can earn upwards of $25,000 per year. That would be plumber hourly rates of $9 – $12 an hour.

Once an individual moves into the actual profession and becomes a full Plumber, the ability to earn $30,000. Then, there are those in the same professional level but have more experience and specialized skills can earn more. For example, Oil & GA Specialists earn roughly $33,000 whereas Senior Trade Plumbers, Commercial Plumbers, and Plumber Pipefitters all earn in the high $30’s. This all comes out to plumber hourly rates in the $15 – $19 range.

The high end of plumber pay rates are in the $40 – $50K range. That would be plumbing hourly rates of $20 – $25. The jobs that earn these salaries include Licensed Journeyman Plumber, Plumber Pipefitter, Plumber Worker, Plumber Technician, among others.

One thing that needs to be pointed here is that all these figures are based on a 40 hour work week. In short, it is base pay. Needless to say, there are those who work far more than a 40 work week. As such, their income will increase significantly. Conversely, there are those who may only work part-time and earn less as a result. Really, the amount of money you earn will be based on how often you work and how much work you desire to perform.

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