How to Become A Doctor

If you want to be a doctor, you are someone with the passion to take care of others and help them in whatever their condition may be.  You should know that pursuing the medical profession takes a lot of time, effort and is definitely expensive.  However, when you are determined to be a doctor and are readily available to serve others, then this profession may just be the path you should take.  When you know that you will be a good doctor then you will do what it takes to become one.

How Long Does It Take To Become A Doctor

Becoming a doctor takes a lot of time and education.  You can prepare yourself starting with your high school years taking subjects that are related to medicine such as the sciences.  Getting exposed early will be a great way for you to know what the work of a doctor is all about.  You can volunteer in medical missions in your community or other organizations in your locality.  Aside from being physically there to witness the work of a doctor, you can read on the lives of doctors or watch documentaries, shows or movies that focus on this profession.  Doing so will give you more determination to pursue either this career or find another one.

If you are still persistent that you want to become a doctor and serve others, then in college you should take a degree related to science such as chemistry or biology.  The college degree (you can take fast online degrees) takes four years to finish and after that you have to enter the medical school.  Before becoming eligible study to in an accredited medical school, you need to pass a Medical College Admission Test (MCAT).  This exam determines your aptitude in becoming a doctor and if you are ready to be a doctor.

Medical school is another four years of formal education wherein the last two years are exposure on the different areas that a doctor may work.  It is in these years that medical students are able to have hands on training as a doctor on the various fields.  Most medical students are able to finally decide which field of specialization they may pursue in their residency.  After the medical schooling is finished, doctors are basically done in formal education and can now be called doctors.

Nevertheless, the rigorous training is not yet over, as they need to complete a number of years as residents.  The minimum residency requirement is at three years and can run as long as eight years depending on the kind of specialization they want to pursue.  For example, residency in obstetrics takes four years while neurosurgery can be finished in eight years.  After the residency is completed, the doctors have to take a state license to be able to practice as a professional doctor in a particular field.  They may want to establish their own clinics or join other physicians and practice as part of a team of doctors.

So in this sense when you ask how many years does it take to become a doctor, the answer to that is a minimum of eleven years.  This period is counted after high school including the residency at the minimum number of three years.  Therefore, you can just imagine the length of time that you need to invest in this career.  If you are willing to go for it and get good grades, then go ahead and be one of those that serve the people well as a medical practitioner.

Steps On How To Become A Doctor

So you just have been informed on the practical steps you should take to become a great doctor.  Aside from exposing yourself to the actual work, you need to have the knowledge in applying the theories in actual practice.  Great doctors have that perseverance to learn all they can in their field and do the best in treating their patients.  In addition, the great ones are those that know what they are doing in being able to diagnose the diseases that patients present them.

You will know if you are a great doctor if patients are patiently waiting outside for you to look into their conditions no matter the waiting time.  This usually happens when you are in private practice.  Doctors that are sought after are the ones who know how to listen carefully to their patients and do not rush them.  After all the information they gathered from their patients, they are able to explain not just in medical terms but also in the language that the patient understands.  It is not just the condition that is being alleviated but the whole situation if possible.

Sometimes medical students aspire to be doctors as they are after the lucrative income they can avail but that is not the true essence of being a great doctor.  Doctors may earn an annual average of $186,000 but the one with the passion knows it’s not about the money.  For most that have the heart of service work through the days that they can get rest and even work on the evenings when they could spend with their family.  Outstanding doctors are able to look above themselves and go out of their way simply because they want to save the lives of others.  So if you have all these and more, the medical field is waiting for you as doctors are always in demand especially with the specialization that is rare.