How to Become a Chef

Many people love eating and have tried different cuisines all around the world. The satisfaction we get when eating delicious food is one of the great pleasures in life. This is one reason why people resort to eating when they are lonely or anxious. Food provides the comfort you seek.

If you love food just as much as everyone else does.  Why not try to become a chef? This way, you need not go to different restaurants and countries just to taste the different cuisines. You can cook anything you like at home and share your delicious recipes with friends and family members. You can pursue a professional career being a chef. Chefs are paid well especially if you become an executive chef of a restaurant. Moreover, you get to do what you love day in and day out.

Why Should I Become A Chef?

There are many reasons why it will benefit you to become a chef. Here are the reasons to consider:

  • Abundance of Food- One of the obvious reasons in becoming a chef is that there is an abundance of food around you. If you get hired and work in a restaurant, you can to sample all the tasty food every day. At home, you will never run out of anything to eat because you can whip up delicious food with your professional cooking skills.
  • Salary- Chefs are paid handsomely depending on their positions. At first, assistant chefs will have to do some sacrificing as the salary is not as high as the salary for an executive chef. If you continue to gain work experience in the industry and pursue higher-level degrees, your earning power will greatly increase. With higher-level degrees, you can apply for higher-level positions in hotels, cruise ships and resorts.
  • Job Stability- There is job stability when you become a chef. Why? It is because people will never stop eating. If you serve delicious food, people will always support your work. Everyone loves a good meal. Most people do not mind spending money for it. Yes, there might be restaurants that will not last long but when talking about the industry as a whole, being a chef offers long-term job stability.
  • Contentment- If you are passionate about food and cooking food, being a chef is the best job for you. Job contentment is very important because this is what will motivate you to always do better. With passion, your job will not feel like a job at all. Hence, at the end of the day, you will enjoy yourself and find contentment in life.

Are you starting to be convinced that a chef career might really be for you? Here is some information on how to become a chef:

How To Be A Chef

Chefs are very skilled in the kitchen. Their main task is to prepare food and manage the cooking staff. A chef also trains the cooking staff as well as orders the food supplies. Every chef’s skill and talent will be measured in each meal he and his staff will make. This can make a chef’s job very stressful but if you are very passionate about your job, this will be a piece of cake.

How to be a chef?

  1. Know More About The Culinary Industry

The passion for cooking food is not enough to become a chef. You should start with knowing more about the culinary industry. In professional food settings, the executive chef is the head of the cooking staff. After him, the second in command is the sous chef. He is the one who manages the kitchen when the executive chef is not around. Most restaurants will have a chef de partie or also known as the station chef. Each station chef is assigned to handle a station in the kitchen. Large kitchens have several station chefs like grill chef, sauté chef, and pastry chef. Aside from the chefs that work in restaurants and hotels, there are also personal chefs that prepare a set meal for clients. In some cases, personal chefs are also hired to serve a single client.

2. Get An Education

To become a chef, you need to undergo training. Chefs can receive training from vocational schools, colleges and culinary institutions. Those who finish their degree in culinary arts from cooking schools and culinary institutes have the advantage among other chefs in the industry. Chefs who hold higher-level degrees are prioritized over other applicants and are also educated to start their own food business.

3. Start Working

When you graduate, your first job might probably be as a line chef or a kitchen assistant. It will take years before you can be promoted to an executive chef. This is why you need to gain work experience in order for you to learn more about the duties and responsibilities of a chef. Being a chef is not just about preparing food and cooking delicious meals, there are other things to consider like food safety principles, proper food storage and preparation and kitchen sanitation. Degree programs in culinary institutes and schools include on-the-job training for undergraduate students. The students work in professional kitchens to gain hands-on experience.

4. Be Certified

The last step on how to become a chef is to get your certification. Not every employer will require that you have chef certification but this will be a competitive advantage once you start your job hunt. If you aim to be an executive chef in hotels and renowned restaurants, a certificate may be necessary.

The steps to becoming a chef are very simple. As long as you follow these steps closely, success will just be around the corner.