How to Become a Flight Attendant

The career of a flight attendant is believed to be glamorous and an enjoyable one. You get to travel every day and visit places you can only dream of going to before. Airline companies make sure that flight attendants stay in a luxurious pad as well. The basic job of a flight attendant is to serve passengers during a flight. When the passengers have left the aircraft, the job of the flight attendant is over as well.

Because of the perks of this career, there are many people today who want to be a flight attendant. How to become a flight attendant? What are the requirements? What are the qualifications needed?

How To Be A Flight Attendant

Every airline has a different set of requirements in hiring their flight attendants. To be able to apply for a flight attendant job, it is a must that you check if you qualify for the position first.


Each airline will require a flight attendant applicant to have a high school degree or a Government Equivalency Degree. Only applicants who have these degrees will qualify. No employer will hire a flight attendant without these degrees so do not even bother trying. In educational requirements, these are the minimums. Of course, the higher the degree you have, the better your chances of getting the job. When it comes to education, employers highly value applicants with higher-level degrees especially in the competitive job market.

Most flight attendants will have an associate or even online bachelor degrees while there are a few that have mba courses or online doctorate degrees. While these degrees are not required, they will still give you an edge over other applicants. Also, having higher-level degrees broaden your career opportunities. You can be promoted to supervisory and managerial jobs later on.

In addition, most employers believe that a college experience makes a person more mature and is more capable of handling different challenges and responsibilities. With this experience, an applicant can become a better flight attendant than those with lesser degrees.

Experience In Customer Service

A flight attendant’s job is all about customer service. While customer service experience is not a minimum requirement, the lack of experience can make applying for a flight attendant job tougher. Those applicants with experiences in customer service will clearly have an advantage over others. This is simply because a flight attendant caters to the needs of customers, which are the passengers. When a passenger pays for a flight, the rates are not just about bringing the passenger from one place to another. The experience inside the aircraft is something that customers pay for as well. This is why airline carriers make sure that they have the best flight attendants to provide quality customer service to passengers.

Flight attendants work in front of the public throughout the trip. The tasks start in greeting and welcoming to serving and assisting passengers. It is very important that a positive image be projected to passengers as well as provide them with a comfortable trip. Customer service is challenging, as you will encounter different types of passengers. Some can be very demanding and you cannot show displeasure. If you do not have customer service experience yet, do not worry as you can still train your customer service skills.

1. Language

If you want to be a flight attendant, learning a second language will be a huge plus. Of course, you should be fluent in English. Second languages like Chinese, Spanish, Japanese and French will be very helpful to you. Not all airlines will require that you have a second language but speaking English is a requirement. Nonetheless, the airline company will train you in speaking in a different language during the probationary period. This language to be taught is most likely the language spoken by the majority of passengers of the airline company.

2. Appearance

In order to be a flight attendant, your appearance should be attractive and neat. You will notice that stewards and stewardess always look polished during flights. Since they have direct contact with the public, maintaining a pleasing and attractive appearance is a must. Flight attendants should always look professional to develop a positive image of the airline’s brand. Often, applicants with a visible tattoo will not be hired. Those with body-piercings, rebellious haircuts, dirty fingernails and bizarre make-up will not be accepted too. Men should always be clean-shaven. There are grooming regulations to be followed by flight attendants so you must also know how to take care of your appearance.

3. Background And Physical Check

Airline companies are very particular about the background of the flight attendants they hire. Applicants who think cheating on the application will get them ahead should think twice. Employers have counter measures to check those who are being honest and those who are cheating. For one, a physical test is administered to see if the applicant lied about their age, medical history and height. You should be totally honest if you have problems with drugs and alcohol before and about the current medications you are taking. Aside from the physical exam, a 10-year background check will be done. Any criminal record found will lead to your dismissal from the company.

Do you think you qualify to be a flight attendant? If you believe you do then you should start following these steps on how to become a flight attendant. Being a flight attendant is truly an enjoyable career to pursue.