How to Become a Lawyer

One of the career choices that is greatly respected in the community is a lawyer.  These legal advisers and advocates are experts in the law of the state and they can guide clients in whatever situation that requires knowledge of the law. Many are keen on learning how the system of law works. If you are one of them and are considering law as a career then you should pursue the path on how to become a good lawyer.  Read on to get information on how to become a lawyer and how long will it take to become a lawyer.

Pointers To Remember When Pursuing The Law Profession

It is important to note that educational requirement to become a lawyer is a long and challenging one.  No particular undergraduate course is required prior to entering law school but a completed degree will do.  If it is possible that you have decided to become a lawyer while you are in high school then you can plan ahead and eventually take online law courses.

In high school, join debate teams and build your confidence in speaking in public bout certain issues that you may be facing.  Lawyers need to have good self-esteem and the ability to engage the public when speaking.  It is also helpful if you practice to speak in a loud manner even without the use of the microphone.  Aside from the debate teams, join oratorical contests or public speaking organizations to harness your ability to speak in front of everyone.  Learn the subject matters that may be involved in the specialization you want to further your law studies later on.  Be sure to get good grades in high school and have the passion for being analytical.

There is no specific college degree as a requisite to enter law school or to take online law courses.  Any undergraduate online bachelors degrees will suffice though it may help in determining the specialization during the second to third year of law school.  For example, if you have a online degree in accounting you may want to pursue corporate law later on.  Just be sure that you maintain good grades all throughout your college course and continue on being part of a debate team.  Aside from these, develop your writing skills, as lawyers need to have above average writing skills other than speaking well.

After the college degree (either on campus on easy bachelors degrees) is completed, an entrance exam should be passed before entering law school. LSAT or law school admission test is an exam taken half a day to those who would further their studies to become a lawyer.  It is through this exam wherein the aptitude of the student is measured. It can show that you are ready to tackle the rigorous education and training that law students undergo.  When the LSAT and college GPA is satisfactory, law school is on the next agenda.  Be sure that the law program offered by the schools is accredited by the ABA or American Bar Association.

As law school requires further education after college, you might ask ‘how long does it take to become a lawyer?’ It only takes three years to finish law school with a specialization already considered.  The first year of law school is about the basics of the law including property law, corporate law, criminal law and contracts.  In the second and third year, law students focus on the law specialization they want to become as a law professional after.  They can choose to be a corporate lawyer, criminal lawyer, civil lawyer or other specific types of lawyers.

After law school, another set of examinations is needed to practice the profession of a lawyer.  You are not a licensed lawyer until you pass the bar exams.  Every state has varied examinations given but there can be a possibility of taking four examinations prior to practicing law.  These exams are: Multistate Bar Examination or MBE which only Louisiana and Washington do not require; Multistate Essay Examination or MEE; Multistate Performance Testing or MPT to check the practical skills; and Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination or MPRE that may be taken while still in law school after the legal ethics course.

Possible Work For the Aspiring Lawyer

To start your career as a lawyer, you can start to work for different companies or the government that need your services.  Being able to work for someone will hone your experience in this profession.  You can choose which company to work for such as business organizations to practice corporate law, law firms that may offer the services of civil lawyers, criminal lawyer, divorce lawyers and many more.  Later on, you can create your own firm if you think you have gained enough experience.

Becoming a successful lawyer is not just about getting the proper education but a great attitude as well.  There is so much demand for lawyers especially in their knowhow of the law and at the same time in having good credibility.  Great lawyers are not just intelligent with high analytical skills but have the perseverance and the patience to understand every case they face.  When they know that they are in the right side, they are able to win cases because they believe that they are up to a good cause.  As lawyers have knowledge on how the law works, they may also be good candidates to become politicians.  So if you want to become a lawyer, you must have the qualities to become an exemplary lawyer and the passion to serve others in showing that justice prevails.