How to Become a Minister

One of the basic traditions that person may follow is that of a religious belief.  However, this may the path that may guide a person to become a minister when he grows up.  If you are in this path and want to learn more about the practical life of a minister then you are just in the right place.  With this guide you will be able to learn the overall responsibilities of a minister as well the annual earning salary. Learning what it takes to be become a minister is a great bonus.

You can easily come up to your church minister and ask these questions but you can do some research first before doing that approach.  Having enough research on your own will give you some ideas and will help you understand if this is the kind of lifelong career that you want to pursue.  Being a minister is not just about what you are in the good times but most especially when you are faced with challenges in life.  So read on to have more information on the humanity of the minister.

Other Factors To Consider When Learning How To Be A Minister

Becoming a minister is noble work but also have some requirements to be accomplished.  Rigorous training through seminary work is needed to inculcate in the aspiring minister the life of the religious.  There is no shortcut in pursuing the religious life. It is considered as one of the serious professions available in today’s life.

When you want to know how to be a preacher, you would want to enhance your knowledge not just in the religious aspect but also in practical terms.  You need to expose yourself to different types of people and to different classes in society.  It is through various experiences wherein a minister is able to give the best sermons, which will be suited for all not just a certain group of people in the church.  Being able to reach the followers will mean that a minister knows what he is doing and is engaging the audience.  Somehow, it is through the minister’s teachings that he is able to guide the churchgoers to the right path as according to their religion.

Factors That May Affect The Income Of A Minister

Ministers in religious congregations do not necessarily have a particular degree to finish but a completing a general degree may determine the income of a minister.  Those with bachelor’s degree (even easy bachelors degrees) in theology will have a higher income that those with only a bachelor’s degree that is not of theology.  Ministers that have a master’s degree in theology can earn as much $53,500 on an annual average while those with just the college degree earn lower at $50,000 on annual income.  Those that only have online bachelor degrees or accelerated online degrees have a significantly lower yearly average at $41,700.

Other than the educational factor of a minister, the location and the scale of the church can affect the minister’s income.  Bigger states offer higher salaries because of the many followers that the churches may have in these areas.  For instance in California, a minister receive at an annual average of $55,900 while in Florida he only averages at $48,600 and in North Carolina the yearly income is at $44,600.

The employer of a minister can also influence the income of this type of work.  It is observed that ministers that are self-employed and are without church affiliation in the area earn the lowest at an annual average $41,750.  Those working for companies get an average at $44,900 while those in fellowships earn $48,200 as annual salary.  Ministers also have other benefits such as paid vacation and sick leaves.  Others provide housing allowance that is integrated into the salaries to lessen the tax of the ministers, as they are not exempted from being taxed.

Responsibilities Of A Minister

The general responsibilities of a minister is doing weekly services, bible study, small group meetings, and counseling services.  In the weekly services, this means that there are assemblies or church services.  This is where the followers gather to hear mass, listen to sermon and sing music together.  Church announcements are also given to give updates to all followers on other upcoming activities that they may have.  Sunday school is common to teach anyone about the Bible for both the kids and the adults.  These classes are usually held on Sunday morning while others conduct them during other days of the week.

Some congregations have small groups organized to meet weekly.  The minister is able to oversee these activities as relevant topics are discussed and studying scripture may also be done. Then, the minister is able to do some counseling services to his congregants of the church.  He can offer different types of counseling to guide the congregant accordingly to what he sees as the right way.  The types of counseling he can conduct include marriage counseling, teenage crisis counseling and grief counseling.

Doing the religious life is not easy.  Many people today have no inkling of having belief systems.  But as with any religion, they stand the test of time and still manage to grow amidst all the challenges that may befall them.  If you know that you are being called to the religious life and live the life of a minister, then this will not be a difficult path to take upon.

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