How to Become a Notary

One of the jobs that you can pursue without a college degree is that of a notary public.  The work of the notary is basically to be an official witness in signing of legal documents, verbal testimonies, affidavits and even performing marriages.  Performing a marriage is limited to a number of states including Florida.  So if you are considering being a notary, read on to gain information on how to become a notary.

Educational Requirements For A Notary

It is not difficult to become a notary.  The minimum requirement to enter into the work of a notary is to be 18 years of age and is a legal resident in the state looking for notary jobs.  There is no exact requirement followed nationally, as every state has its own set of regulations to accomplish before being officially hired as a notary.  Most states require for a six-hour course on being a notary and some states demand to complete a state-set examination.

All states may provide workshops on being a notary so you might want to look into that in your state where you want to be a notary. When you are qualified to be a notary, you must register and a filing fee must be paid along with a bond.  You must then take an oath before a notary and acquire your very own notary seal that you can avail from the National Notary Association or NNA.

Working Condition Of A Notary

Notaries can work for many organizations and companies be it public agencies or the private firms.  However, most of the notaries work for the state in authenticating the signatories of public and legal documents.  Notaries are seen to be good assets for the organizations they are working with, as they are the ones in making sure that legal documents are properly recorded.  In real estate companies for example, they make sure that all the parties involved are real people and have witnessed all of them affixing their signing of documents.  Doing so makes the document legal and authentic that may be used in any court of law if the need arises.

The work of the notary may typically be found at the offices of the company they work for.  They work forty hours a week and have a less stressful job unless lawsuits are filed and documents they have authenticated may need to be presented.  It is part of the job and can become a routine at best.

Job Outlook For A Notary

There may be a high competition between notaries. It is also good to know that becoming one may be easy as long as all requirements are completed.  To be able to have the edge in getting a job, you can advertise your services in different media platforms from print media to online advertisement.  In order to be competitive, you may start working as a notary and purse a degree then take up law school.  This way you have more job opportunities and higher earning capacity.  Being a notary may just be the first step in greater work for you in the future.

Salary Of A Notary

Income of a notary is not very high.  Salary of a notary can range from $16,100 to $77,000.  For someone fresh out of high school, the low range of salary may be a start but when you increase your credentials, you can show that you can be paid more.  You can join workshops or seminars to keep you updated on the laws of your state. On the other hand, better yet get a degree to better your salary potential.

Overview On How To Become A Notary In California

In California, there are specific requirements to be a notary.  Initial requirements in how to become a California notary are that you are at a minimum 18 years of age and a legal resident of the state.  If those are satisfied, then you should be able to complete a 6-hour course of study with a certification as proof of completion.  After that, you have to register to take the Notary exam.  In taking the exam you need to bring along with you an accomplished Notary Public application form, ID with photo, certificate of the completed course and the appropriate fee usually at $40.

Passing the exam means getting 70% of the questions right.  After passing the exam, a set of fingerprints are to be submitted via live scan, which should be acceptable at the State Department of Justice.  Another fee of $32 should be paid.  A background check is conducted to ensure the good characteristic of the applicant before approval of the application for notary.  Once approved, a commission packet is given to you that has a cover letter including filing instructions, commission certificate, a couple of Certificate of Filing and Notary Public Oath Forms, Certificate of Authorization to Manufacture Notary Public Seals and the List of Authorized Manufacturers of Notary Public Seals.

When you have received this commission packet you are well on your way to providing your notary services.  But before you do start your public service, you need to have a $15,000 bond.  This should be filed within 30 days with the county clerk office.  An active sequential journal is also required to record all the official acts as a California notary public.  Then the official seal of the notary must be made that must have all the necessary details that should appear in every seal of a notary public.