How to Become a Photographer

Everyone is fascinated with photography today. Five years ago, no one really was interested in how well photos turned out as long as the background and subjects were included. More recently, people cannot wait to get their hands on the best digital cameras and SLRs. This fascination in photography has pushed people to become professional photographers but of course, not everyone is willing to go down this road. There are still people who keep photography as a hobby rather than a chosen career.

For those who are very serious about becoming a photographer, do not think for a second that taking great shots will make you a professional photographer. An eye to detail is a good skill to have but this will not be enough if you want to be a photographer as your main source of income. Do you want to know how to become a professional photographer?

How To Become A Photographer

  1. Educate Yourself

You have been photographing different subjects for a year now and you think you have what it take to go professional. If you really believe that you do, you should get a 4-year degree to train yourself further. Yes, many photographers will skip getting formal education in the arts because they simply depend on their creativity, talent and skill. In this competitive world today, holding a degree will give you an edge. Why enroll in an art degree?

  • Online photography degrees will teach you the technical aspects of photography and pretty much everything you need to know about it. While some can read about this information online, undergoing formal training is totally different. Mind you, photography is not just about taking photos, you must also learn about the principles of art. Further, you will learn a lot from your professors and classmates.
  • Online art degrees will teach you about business. When you become a professional photographer, you will be in-charge of your career. Knowing more about how to run your own photography business and marketing yourself is a must. Not only will you graduate with knowledge and skills of the arts, you will be a well-rounded business person too.

There are art degrees at most local colleges for you to pursue. If you are looking for convenience, an online school for photography should be able to provide you with a degree as well.

  1. Work For Free

Right after your 4-year degree, you are still not considered a professional photographer yet. What you lack is the experience in the field. If you think about it, do you think employers will hire a photographer with very few experiences? Obviously, the answer is no. You need to build up your credentials in order to be recognized by employers. One way is to work for free. You can volunteer to assist professional photographers. Most of them are willing to take your free service offer. You must choose the person you will work for closely. Does the photographer have an area of expertise in photography? Is this the field you want to learn a lot from and excel in? Is the photographer well known? Will you learn a lot from this photographer?

It will really pay to work with a professional photographer closely as you will learn a lot from the experience. Moreover, through working with this photographer, you can slowly build your network as well.

  1. Create Your Portfolio

During the time you are studying and offering free assistance to professional photographers, you should never forget to build your own portfolio. Your portfolio will summarize your best works. This will give employers and clients an idea of what area in photography you specialize in the most. Your portfolio is very important in your career as this show the highlights of your talents and skills. When building your portfolio, always make sure that your personality is shown through your photos.

Is There A Good Career Waiting For Me As A Photographer?

At present time, more people appreciate the arts. In terms of photos, the most in-demand are stock photos. These are what graphic artists to use to create advertisements, logos and banners. With the explosion of internet shopping and marketing, thousands of companies have expanded their businesses to the online world.

Why are photos needed when graphic artists can create designs from scratch anyway? Well, the primary reason is the costing. Stock photos are cheaper compared to hiring photographers to take shots and hiring graphic artists to make designs. Stock photos online are sold by bulks which is why companies prefer purchasing them. In fact, professional photographers today make a lot of money out of these stock photos.

Will I Be Better Off Working For Someone Or Alone?

This is probably a question, which every photographer should ask. Starting as a photographer for someone will help build your experience and experience is what you really need to make it big in the industry. But if you think you are ready to start your own business, it will be best to do so. The 4-year art degree will teach you a lot about starting your business. You will also get the chance to learn how to market yourself.

Do you want to know how to be the best photographer? It is all about your education, training, experience and skills. Throughout your life, you will need to constantly practice your craft and learn the latest developments in the photography world. Bear in mind that professional photography is very competitive so you have to work hard in setting yourself apart.