How to Become a Singer

To have a singing career, you need to have the voice and the singing talent. Some people need to train hard and enroll in voice lessons just to improve their singing abilities while some are just so lucky to be born with a great voice meant for stardom. There are many paths on how to become a singer but first, you should develop your singing prowess and once you have the voice and the confidence, you can now seek a prospective career in singing.

With the voice and talent, how do you become a singer?

When it comes to a singing career, we usually relate it to celebrity singers and divas known in the industry today. However, singing career is not all about the limelight and earning a celebrity or diva status. There are many great jobs for vocalists and singers with great salaries. Whether you are an aspiring solo artist, with a band, or a songwriter/singer, the main thing you should do to become a singer is to introduce your talent to the world so listeners will be able to appreciate your wonderful voice.

To become a singer, you should find a good agent that can introduce you to the target network like music producers. You can also enter some popular singing contests in your country. One of the great benefits of entering some popular singing contests is that win or lose, you will have the opportunity to show your singing talent to the world and if some music producers like you and your voice, you might still get a contract even if you lose.

If you do not have the connections or confidence to go directly to some agents and producers, or join a contest, how do you become a singer?

One way is to get a singing job and do your best. Many common and local singers became very popular because many people appreciated their talents and voices. Some started as internet sensations and were noticed by music producers. When it comes to a singing job, there are a lot to choose. If you have a band, you can play for various bars and restaurants to promote your band or group. You can also get a singing career in cruise ships, choir organizations, or you can also apply as a backing singer for some lead singers. Aside from developing your talents, you also get to earn more experience and learn more about the industry you want to enter.

If you are more confident and want to explore more options, you can also play in various fairs, street corners, shopping centers and other places that allow artists to play and entertain audience. This is great if you are also playing an instrument while singing like a piano or a guitar. Patience, determination and proper voice care is very important if you want to become a good singer and get a great singing career later on.

Proper Voice Care for Singers

  • Always maintain proper breathing control and good posture when singing. Proper posture is very important in order to obtain adequate breathing support while singing. You can follow some simple breathing exercises in order to improve your breathing control.
  • Warm up before singing. Just like playing sports or working out, warm up is very important in order for the vocal cords and diaphragm to be prepared and in good shape before the singing performance.
  • Proper rest is always needed. Over fatigue and overusing vocal cords can use voice problems. Make sure to obtain adequate rest especially before singing to maintain a good voice.
  • Overall lifestyle is important. Diet, exercise and habits can greatly affect your voice. Regular exercise can improve your breathing so it is definitely recommended for singers to exercise properly. Bad habits like smoking and drinking can also affect our voice. Avoid these practices to avoid voice problems and diseases.
  • As much as possible, avoid medications and surgeries that can affect your voice since there can be irreparable effects on your voice once you undergo these things.

The voice of a singer is not the only thing that people will notice. Some experts even say that the effective solution on how to be a famous singer is to have an amazing voice as well as a great personality and appearance for overall package. Great voice plus nice looks will definitely be a great advantage for your singing aspirations. You need to look your best always so people will love watching you while performing.

Some artists deliberately make their appearance more noticeable in a bad way just to capture attention. If you want to have a good start, maintain a clean and wholesome image and focus on your singing abilities. Although you cannot please everybody, make sure to listen to your listeners or audience’s comments and suggestions. Take negative comments especially from critics as constructive criticism so you can improve more on your craft.

To be a great singer, you should also learn some non-singing abilities like proper time management, self-discipline and work attitude. You will be working with so many different people so it is important that you are easy to work with and you have a pleasing personality. Being professional is always a must! There are definitely no specific rules on how to become a singer but in general, to become a singer, you need to have the entire package especially nowadays wherein there are a lot of great singers and artists from all over the world sharing your target audience.