How to Become a Teacher

One of the career paths known for being an inspiration to others is that of becoming a teacher.  There have been movies made of stories of exemplary teachers that have changed the lives of many students.  Most people know that being a teacher is one of the noble jobs in society that no matter how much the salary received the job satisfaction is higher.  Teachers especially the great ones are there not just to instruct but also to push the students to believe in themselves and follow their dreams no matter the circumstance.  It is through the teachers, that sometimes students are able to stand up and make a change.

Requirements For A Teacher Before You Can Teach

So if you want to become a teacher, there are certain requirements that you need to accomplish.  First in the aspect of education, you have to identify which educational level you would want to teach.  There are preschool teachers for early childhood education, elementary teachers that cover the kindergarten to grade 6, secondary school teachers that teach middle to high school and special education teachers.  All of these teaching posts require you to have a bachelor’s degree in the appropriate education levels.  For pre-school teachers, it is needed to have an early childhood education aside from the bachelor’s degree. You should also consider easy bachelor degrees and accelerated online degrees if you lead a busy life.

To become a teacher in the public schools, a certification is needed.  Each state has a set of requirements and may change frequently. It typically involves completing a bachelor’s degree, course work in education, student-teaching experience and examinations.  Some states also demand certification for parochial and private schools.  Today, it is even preferred to pursue a master’s degree when you are starting your teaching career. For financial considerations, you should research online bachelor degree costs.

Responsibilities When You Become A Teacher

Teachers in different levels have various responsibilities.  Preschool teachers usually handle children between two to four years old.  They teach the children the basics in social skills in interacting properly with others and practical skills like in knowing how to tie their own shoes.  They keep their students busy with games, music, art and storytelling.

For the elementary teachers, most of them are teaching the basic subjects such as writing, reading, basic math and simple science concepts.  There are schools that have a teacher for each group that will teach all the subject matters while some schools employ each teacher for the different subject matter.  It is in this grade levels that teachers may face challenges in teaching the specific subject, as learning abilities can be different for each student.  Some students can easily learn while others are able to learn at a slower pace.

The secondary teachers are more of the specialized kind of teaching where teachers only teach one subject matter that they are good at.  This subject can be math, science, English, history or other topics that a teacher may want to impart to his or her students.  In elementary schools, teachers have to deal with the learning capabilities and difficult attitudes of the students.

There are special education teachers that focus on students with physical or mental disabilities.  These students can also learn but with the use of different tools to make learning possible.  For example in teaching deaf-mutes, sign language is used to communicate with each other.

Working Conditions In The Career Of A Teacher

For the most part, teachers are working beyond the usual eight hours a day.  They are usually expected to arrive first at the school and the last ones to leave.  In between their classes, they have to check the students’ papers, exams and other assignments given.  In addition, teachers have to be prepared in their daily classes with a great lesson plan to engage their students to learn their topics.  It is through the effort by the teacher that makes the class a good one or which can just be forgotten.  Teachers can experience their voice getting hoarse for talking in classes or their legs getting sore of standing mostly all day.

Earning Capacity When You Become A Teacher

As what you may already know, teachers earn above average but the salary is just enough to provide a good life.  Elementary teachers earn on an annual average of $51,983 while secondary teachers take home a slightly higher income at $54,203.  A kindergarten teacher, fares well over the elementary teacher earning an annual income at $52,074.

You can choose from the possible earning capacity which grade level of education you want to teach.  Or if you do not mind the salary you can go ahead and opt which students you want to impart your know how.  Better yet, you can select the subject matter you are great at and make it a memorable one to every student.

As you can see, teachers sacrifice a lot for their students to inculcate in them the lessons they are giving them.  It is in this matter that teachers are seen even as modern day heroes.  It is because of the dedication of these teachers to be always there that everyone in this world has learned how to read this write-up.  The world cannot live without their teachers, so be one if you have the passion.

If it is a motivation for you, you can observe that teachers never really age or if they do, it is a very slow process for them.  They usually are surrounded with the younger generation and their energy may have reflected on them making them stay young as they can be.  But whatever may be the reason for you to be considering this profession, you may not know it but you may just be that great teacher that the next generation is be waiting for.

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