How to Become an Actor

Acting as a job is definitely not that difficult if you are referring simply to the craft of acting. Some people are born with great talent in acting but some just learn it through schools and acting workshops. Anyone can definitely act if he or she put their time, effort and dedication into learning the craft. However, the difficult part on how to become an actor is the way to build you career and popularity especially if you want to be a professional actor like the movie stars in Hollywood.

Most aspiring actors today want to learn how to be a movie actor since being cast in a movie is probably one of the main stepping-stones in building an acting career. However, before you dive head first into how to be an actor in a movie, you should first improve your acting skills. If you can act but you do not have the passion for acting, then reconsider your decision to be an actor because being an actor is not an easy job.

Some people just look at the most famous actors and admire their rich lifestyles and celebrity statuses. However, most celebrity actors worked hard and put enough blood, sweat and tears and passion on their craft. Being an actor, you can sometimes work 22-24 hours straight in a day just to finish a film. You also need to control their diet and overall lifestyle to maintain their looks and body. You should be prepared for these stuffs before you finally decide to be a professional actor.

The Road to Become a Famous Actor

The first step on how to be a famous actor is to have the skills and talent necessary for the job. You should learn how to properly act and continue to develop your skills in acting. A good actor knows and understands that acting is a craft and also a profession. Some people think that just because they have the body and the face, they can easily get discovered and become a famous actor. Respected and reputable actors today are known for their great talents in acting so if you want to be one of them, put enough dedication and passion in acting, be always open for improvements, and never stop learning.

The next step on how to become a movie actor is to go to the location where you can find the work you need. If you are somewhere in the suburbs, then consider relocating to the city or the specific place where there are acting jobs available. Directors, movie producers, agents, and actors usually move in one circle and they live near their work place. The best example of course is Hollywood. If you want to be discovered, try your luck in Los Angeles.

The third step on how to become a famous actor is to be prepared for the journey and make sure that you are willing to do certain sacrifices just to achieve your acting career goals. If you have decided to move to the location where the acting job is, you should be ready to be away from your families and friends. You should know how to be independent and self disciplined. Another common sacrifice you need to make is changes on your diet and overall lifestyle. You need to be personable and pleasant so maintaining your physical appearance is definitely important.

The next step on how to become a Hollywood actor is to fully commit and put your best efforts into to your craft. Some experts say that there are really no bad actors. Some actors do not fully commit themselves to their acting job. Your image is not the only thing you should think about when building a career as an actor. You should be prepared for whatever acting role is given to you and act that role properly even if you have to look funny, strange or stupid at some point.

Lastly, the necessary step you need to take on how to become an actor in Hollywood is to maintain a good working relationship with all the people you work with and will encounter in the industry. Whether you are already gaining popularity or you are just starting on your career, you should always maintain a good working relationship with the directors, producers, and all the crews in the production department since they are also part of your success as an actor. Some actors just tend to mingle with popular actors thinking that it will help build their popularity and image. To survive the tough acting industry, you should not only maintain a good image to your audience but most importantly, a good personality to everyone in the industry you belong.

What you need to do to get discovered?

Once you are already in the city, the first step on how to become an actor is to get a head shot. With the emergence of so many advanced digital cameras today, getting a good photograph of your self is definitely easy. You can also go to a professional photographer to make sure that you get a good and professional-looking head shot. When deciding the best head shot, do not just depend on your choice but make sure to ask help from friends and acquaintances on which head shot is really good. After the head shot, write your resume and make sure that your resume is good since this is the first thing that casting agents and directors will see and look in order to know you. Submit your head shot and resume together with a cover letter to all the agents, directors and companies you know that hire and cast actors for various films and movies.