How to Become an Author

The art of writing is a very general and broad discipline and there are generally no specific rules on how to become an author or a writer. There are so many writing techniques, genres and literary methods to choose from. Some writers may write books or novels for specific age groups, gender or for a specific target audience depending on their topic and literary technique. Becoming an author requires excellent writing skills, dedication, concentration, patience and hard work especially if you are a beginner, since getting your work published will be a challenge.

Not everyone is lucky to get his or her work published right away. Even the most popular authors and writers today experienced hardships and many rejections before their books or novels were published. The main requirement in order to be an author is to hone your writing skills, gain sufficient experience, be confident with your writing abilities and never give up even if you receive more than 10 to 20 rejections from agents and publishers.

Build Your Writing Skills through Education and Training

One of the basic ways of how to become a good author is to earn proper training and education at school. Get a bachelor’s degree in writing like journalism, creative writing, literature, and other related courses. Finishing a degree program will help you learn the standards in technical writing and build a better writing foundation. Since writing is a very broad field of work, you should consider all options and opportunities. You should consider easy bachelor degrees, accelerated online degrees, and also online bachelor degree costs. One good way on how to become a bestselling author is to avoid limiting your work to one career or genre.

Readers have varying perceptions and appreciation when it comes to books, novels, and other reading materials. You may think that you are expert on this genre but then no one seems to like your work. After trying another genre and submitting it to a publisher or agent, your book got approved and published and a lot of readers even liked it. Do not limit your work and explore all possible options to determine your true skills and expertise. You can start as a copywriter, web content writer, children’s book writer, short story writer, or a novelist.

Common Tips on How to Become an Author

  • As mentioned above, never limit your work and consider all options on how to become a published author. Copy writing is one of the highest paid writing jobs today so you can start with that. You get to practice writing and improve your writing skills while also earning a decent income.
  • Balance your desires and needs. Writing jobs are not always a lucrative ones. If you are having financial problems, it may also affect your writing abilities. Writing requires artistry, imagination and proper concentration. Make sure that your income from writing can support you well so you can also focus on your job.
  • You should love your profession and craft, and do not just focus on making money. Some writers just focus on what their readers want just to gain income. Think of what you really want to write since it may provide you better recognition and income later on compared to just by going with the trend.
  • You should be willing to work for long hours and during odd hours. One tip on how to become a successful author is to be prepared to write anytime and anywhere, and defy your writers block situation.
  • Practice proper concentration and know what environment works best for you. Some writers can write properly under a dark and quite room while some can write well if they are outdoors. Writers block is a real thing so make sure to know the things that can bring back your imagination and focus in writing.
  • Another important thing to remember on how to be a novelist or book writer is to know the ways to refresh your mind. If you really cannot get through with your writers block no matter how much you focus, take a nap, get a short rest, go outside and get some fresh air, find a near coffee shop and relax for a while or you can also take a short drive around town just to relax and refresh your mind.
  • Being a good writer or author needs a lot of imagination, ideas and experience. To achieve this, you should also be a good reader. Read many books, novels and reading materials as much as possible to widen your knowledge and ideas.
  • Another great tip on how to become a famous author is to always bring a notebook so every time new ideas come to your mind, you can write it down wherever or whenever you are.

Understanding the Publishing Industry

Once you established your writing skills and finally finished a product, the next step on how to be an author is to understand the publishing industry and get the necessary connections to get your book published. Look for an agent by asking around or you can also check the websites that provide ideas on where to go after finishing your book.

After finding a certified agent, prepare a manuscript of your work and write a letter to the agent. Explain what you need, why your book should be represented and briefly explain what your book is about. You may face a lot of rejections at first. Then after the publications, it may also take months or years for it to sell. Therefore, the best way on how to become an author is to believe in your own self and just never give up.

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