How to Be a Team Leader


Having the ability to work cohesively with a group of people is important. It also requires for one of the group members to step up and lead the group because there needs to be some form of organization. A team leader is either appointed by the group through a vote, appointed by a person in a higher position or even in some cases self-appointed. Regardless of how you get this position, you need to have certain qualities to become a great leader for your team. Below are some tips on how to be a great team leader:

Work as a Team

The first thing you need to remember is that this is a team and team work involves each and every person. This therefore means that you should come up with duties for all members. The workload must be evenly distributed and you should have the ability to identify your team members’ strengths and weaknesses in order to achieve success with the duties at hand.

Set Clear Rules and Expectations

Leadership involves having the fortitude to enforce the rules. This means that the team must know what is expected of them and repercussions of not doing as is expected. While some of the decisions you make will be frowned upon occasionally, you will earn respect by standing your ground. You cannot become a good team leader by being a people pleaser.

Keep Open Channels of Communication

It is always good to remember that there are different voices to be heard. You cannot have a selected few who can address you and neglect the popular opinion. Constantly encourage your team mates to speak up and keep an open mind. Just because you are the team leader doesn’t mean that your opinion is law. You could also learn a lot from the rest of the group. A good leader is humble and a part of the team as opposed to being in a position of authority.

Know your Team

Have you ever been in a group where the leader always forgot your name? This can be really demoralizing. As the leader, it is obvious that everyone knows you. Make an effort and learn the names of all your team members as this helps them open up and actively contribute to the team.

Appreciate Efforts

A little appreciation goes a long way. Everyone feels good when their achievements are recognized and this is a real morale booster. It is encouraging to hear your leader give you thumbs up for a job well done. If you are in the habit of ignoring this small detail begin now and you will notice the difference in productivity. On the same note, be very careful with this as you do not want to overly praise a person. People do not like the ‘teacher’s pet’.

Learning how to be a good team leader is not a difficult task. The best principal to apply when given any leadership position is treating others as you’d like them to treat you.

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