How to Become a Professor with a Masters Degree


It is said that in order to become a professor, you need to have a doctorate in your respective field. This statement is true to some extent. Most institutions of higher learning require that you have a Ph.D. before they can hire you for the position. What most people do not know is that not all colleges are strict on this requirement and you can indeed become a professor with your master’s degree. However, it is important to note that this is only possible at college level and not in universities. This will also depend on your field. Areas of study such as mathematics, engineering, medicine and science are rather strict and will not accept an applicant who does not boast of a Ph.D.

In order to join this profession with a master’s degree, you need to strategize. Employers even at college level are not merely impressed with qualifications and you need to demonstrate that you are qualified for the job. Below are some of the things that will help:

  1. 1. Publications in Prominent Journals

The idea here is not just to have written research but also have them published in respected academic journals. This profession puts high emphasis on research work and they will want to know what your contribution to your field has been. It is therefore important that you have your research and articles published in journals and publications that attract attention. This is no easy feat and you will need to network and even make use of the connections you made during your master’s program as they can help submit your work or even recommend it.

  1. 2. Go into Publishing

People with published books are respected by their peers in their profession. Getting a publishing deal is also not easy and you may want to start with small publishing firms before moving onto notable publishers. How you market your book is very important and you need to get good reviews in order to gain recognition. The more reviews you get, the more popular you become. Getting an award at this level is definitely going to make your chances of getting a job as a professor easier.

  1. 3. Work

This comes as no surprise. Potential employers will want know what you have been doing and your experience sells you so gain experience by working in your field. Having a leadership role is going to be beneficial as it amplifies your reputation. Colleges want to hire someone who already has a proven track record of success in their field and your current position matters.

  1. 4. Apply to Colleges

As mentioned earlier, getting this opportunity in a university may be a waste of your time and you will only get part-time positions with a master’s degree. However, a community college or junior college would be more open to hiring you as a professor. However, this does not mean that you will get such a position fresh from attaining your master’s degree. You will need to have the experience needed and notable contributions in form of publications.

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