How to Get a Job at Old Navy


How to Get a Job at Old Navy

Working at an Old Navy store is a very intriguing prospect for many people out there. It offers a solid and dependable place of employment, with lots of room for growth and advancement, good wages, and a wide range of additional benefits as well. Here, find out how to find and complete an Old Navy application, what types of positions they have available, and much more to aid you in the process of finding a job at Old Navy.

You should be able to find an Old Navy online application to fill out and submit to the local store of your choosing. You’ll be able to see a list of local stores, and then see which ones are hiring, and for what. Their jobs are handled through Gap Inc, which of course owns and operates all the Gap stores, the Old Navy stores, Banana Republic, and the other associated brands and lines too.

Even though you can fill it out online, you may want to bring your Old Navy job application in person to the store that you wish to work at. This will help you stand out from the crowd and hopefully make a positive impression on somebody who may be making a final decision.

As with all job applications, when you fill out your application to work at Old Navy, take the time to fill it out correctly and carefully. Highlight your strengths, and mention everything from special skills to extracurricular activities, hobbies or previous work experience. Make a strong impression by showcasing your intelligence, dedication and willingness to work hard and get ahead.

The minimum age of employment at Old Navy is 18. So that’s a little bit older than some chains and similar stores, so if you’re younger than that and need work you’ll have to wait or look elsewhere. Store hours are generally from 10am-9pm, except for Sundays, when they’re 10am-6pm, but this may vary depending on the store and the season. Besides the typical benefits, working at Old Navy also offers you added perks, such as employee discounts on clothing, and even things such as the potential to buy stock in the company.

Old Navy and Gap Inc definitely try to reward their employees, so good workers can be promoted, and advance their way up from entry level positions. The most common and entry level job is the sales associate, but the stores have many different specific positions available, and the corporate chain also hires for things such as marketing, regional management, designers and so forth. The wages are good, as entry level positions can earn as much as $9/hour, and salaried managers can earn up to $60k in some instances.

Clearly, working at Old Navy is a great opportunity. Take a look at their online job listings to see if the stores near you are hiring right now, and if so, for which roles. Then go ahead and fill out your application to get started, and you’ll find a fun and hands-on opportunity which will allow you to grow into the future.

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