How to Use Your Military Experience to Get a Job


Now that you are out of the military and are going to be looking for a job in the civilian area remember that all of your military experience is transferable to some type of job in the civilian sector.  This information is important to include when preparing your resume and this information will certainly help you to get a job.

DD Form 2586

Verification of this military experience as well as training will be very useful in preparing your resume as well as establishing your abilities with any prospective employers to get a job.

While you were in the service, you had numerous training classes as well as job experiences, and that can be included on a job application or resume.  The military has made it easy by listing all this information on your “DD Form 2586”, “Verification of Military Experience and Training”.  This form is generated from all your records on file with the military.  It lists military experience as well as the history of all your training.  It also recommends equivalent civilian job titles.  This document has been designed to help you in preparing your resume to get a job.

How to Get VMET Documentation

In order to get this verification document, you will need to go to the VMET website.  All military personnel who are separating from the military can download and then print out their VMET documents and cover letter from your military service from the VMET website.


When you are preparing your resume just identify from your VMET form the items that relate to the job you are applying for and include them in your resume.  You can also include any training and that should be included in the education portion of your resume.   If you need help in preparing your resume just Google “preparing a resume” and you will find many website that will have information that can help you with preparing that document.

Transferrable Skills

You are probable wondering how you can describe your military experience to a corporate role.   Here is an example: You taught over 400 individuals on how to parachute out of an airplane consider what you did: Prepared training material; delivered classroom training; and prepared and tested class on the material.  All three of these are skills that are applicable in corporate classroom situations.   Another example is: You facilitated the Marines in saving $4 million dollars by managing 40 government travel accounts, consider what you did: Administered 40 travel accounts saving the organization $4 million dollars.  This is great experience to help you get a job as a financial controller.

Points to Remember

There are also some things that you should remember.  Many employers are giving preference to vets for any jobs with their company so look on job forums and websites for these type situations. Your military experience will help you get a job as most if not all of it can be transferrable to the jobs that your will be applying for.

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