Online Degree Tip # 2: The Discipline of Setting Boundaries


Boundaries are required for keeping the students in check in any educational environment. However for the online students, setting the boundaries is a task that they have to do by themselves. Since they do not have a traditional teacher present over their heads, it is up to them to decide the extent and nature of the boundaries that they want within their virtual learning environment, and whether they will be able to abide by them or not. This task of setting boundaries however requires a great deal of discipline or they won’t be able to achieve any results.

Academic Goals

For non-traditional students, the setting of their academic goals is the first step in setting boundaries for themselves in a virtual learning environment. The determination of these goals is going to help you in deciding what amount of time you need to assign to your studies. This is one of the boundaries that you will have to abide by at all costs if your want to find success as an online learner. However, it is important to remember that this boundary can only be of help to you if you are disciplined enough to remain within the confines of this boundary.

Balancing Work and Study

Being an online student, it would become compulsory for you to manage your time effectively. You will have to devise a way to strike a balance between your work related duties and your academic commitments. This is the second boundary that you will have to establish for yourself if you want to find any success in e-learning. This boundary will help you in provisioning equal amounts of time to your learning and your work. In order for you to effectively enforce this boundary, you will again have to discipline yourself first.

Finding Support

The non-traditional students don’t have many people to find support from. They have to search for them among themselves. However, this can prove to be a tricky process. You will have to decide for yourself the type of people that you can lean on for support during difficult times. The determination of the people that you can trust for getting help and support from is the third boundary that you would have to setup to find success in an online education system. For abiding by this boundary you will have to inculcate discipline in yourself.

Time Spent Online

The most crucial boundary that has to be setup by an online student is regarding the time he would spend online for studying. The setting of this boundary is critical to the success he is going to achieve as an online learner because if no such boundary is determined, he is most likely to start giving more time to other activities on the internet than his studies. Thus, it is important that a boundary is set which compels him to devote a set number of hours to studying without indulging in any other activity online. An online student can only expect to abide by this important boundary if he has the virtues of discipline present in him.

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