Online Degree Tip # 5 – How to Save Money on Books


The cost of books is by far the most important concern of college students after their tuition fee. With each book costing about $200, it can become awfully difficult for a student to buy all the books that have been prescribed by his professor. What is more concerning for the students is that the publishers have announced a hike in the prices of textbooks, which means that from now on students will have to allocate a large portion of their budget for buying books. However, there is still hope for the college goers in the form of the following methods that can be used to save money on books.

Book Rentals

Renting a book instead of buying it is the preferred choice of most college students who want to limit their spending on buying books that they are most likely to never read again once the semester is over. This is the reason why book rentals have become quite popular among the students. These services are mostly run on the internet from where the college students can easily rent the book that has been prescribed by their professors for a particular course. The rates for renting a book are much less than the ones for buying them. However, the only downside is that you might not find all of the books from these book rentals.

Book Swapping

Swapping the books is another method that has been gaining a lot of popularity among the college students for saving money on buying books. Through book swapping, you can get your hands on a used version of the books that is required by you for a particular course in exchange of one of the books that is of no use to you now. This exchange of books is an excellent means of getting hands on the required course material for a subject without having to pay a single dollar. The chances of getting all the books in your syllabi through this method though are very slim.


E-books are among the latest trend in college textbooks that have the publishers a lot worried. The reason for this is that the e-books have provided the students with a chance to get their books downloaded on their computers or rented online from stores like Kindle for extremely low rates. With e-books becoming available, a student no longer needs to buy the expensive hard-cover books and can save the money that would otherwise had been spent on buying them. The only issue with e-books is that there are many textbooks whose e-book versions have yet to be made available and thus, they need to be bought from bookstores only.

College Library

Getting the book from the library is another method to save money on books. The College library usually has all of the books that have been prescribed by the professors for each course. You can ask the librarian to lend the book you require for a week or two to prepare the necessary notes. However, if the book is to be used only in the library then you will have to make the notes while sitting there if you want to save money on books.

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