Online Degree Tip # 7: Setting Realistic Goals


Planning ahead and setting goals is of primary importance in the life of a student. Without having goals to achieve, a student would find it hard to progress further in his academic life. Goals are a means of providing inspiration to the student which keep him motivated to continue trying until he has arrived at his set destination. However, setting goals is not that easy. Most students makes the mistake to setting unrealistic goals for themselves, and when they are unable to achieve them become disheartened and are likely to give up in the middle. This is the reason why achievability of the goals that you set for yourself is extremely important. The following are some tips that can help students in setting goals for themselves that can be achieved through hard work, determination and perseverance.


Pre-planning is an important aspect of setting realistic goals. Without having a proper plan in mind as to how you are going to achieve a goal, setting it can bear you no fruit at all. Thus, it is essential that you devise a road-map in your head that is going to lead you to your set destination. It is at this stage that you can objectively look at the goals you are setting and determine whether you have any chance of achieving them or not. If you are not able to plan a route to the destination you are setting yourself then it is highly unlikely that you would ever be able to reach it as well. So, prepare a plan before setting your educational goals.

Remembering the Time Constraints

Time is also an important factor that needs to be considered when setting goals that you think can be achieved by you. Setting out a time period in which you want yourself to achieve your goal is going to help you in increasing your efforts when you find yourself lagging behind. Students that do not keep the time constraints in mind when setting their goals find it extremely hard to pace their journey towards their set destination. So, remember to set a time frame for yourself for achieving the goals you set for yourself.

Expectations of High Grades

Every student aspires to do well in his studies and get good grades. However, it is not possible for everyone to actually secure the high marks and grades that they want to achieve. Students that do not realize this and set themselves too high standards often find themselves failing in reaching the heights that they have set. Such falls can be devastating to the morale and confidence of the student and can hamper his efforts of achieving his other goals. Thus, it is best to keep your expectations of grades to a level that you know you are able to achieve.

Specificity and Conciseness

Besides the above-mentioned tips, being specific about the goals you are setting for yourself is also extremely important. In addition to being specific, these goals need to be concise too so that you remember them with ease and can work towards achieving them with full concentration.

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