Online Degree Tip # 8: The Art of Networking


In the world we are living in today, networking plays an important role in the lives of students no matter the medium of education they are using for completing their degrees. With the world so connected through the internet, students can no longer deny that networking can assist them in not only improving their chances of getting better grades but can also help them in finding a good job once their education is over. For online students, however, networking is of the utmost importance. As they don’t have the support of the professors and other staff members that traditional students attending a college have got, it is up to them to create the connections that will help them out in future on their own. The following are some of the ways in which online learners can use networking and better their chances of success in their academic as well as professional careers.

Participation and Remaining Active

The best way to establish contacts and getting to know people that can help you out in the future is through online social networks. However, simply making a profile on the popular social networks is not going to cut it for you. You will have to participate in the discussions taking place on the network and would have to remain active to gain knowledge about the people that could be of help to you.

Staying in Touch

Networking is all about staying in touch. You are most likely to lose a person’s interest in you if you stop interacting with him on a consistent basis. Thus, it is important that once you have established a connection with an important person, for instance an employer or a recruiter, then you stay in touch with him. It is these connections that can help you in securing a good job once your pass out. For online students, such connections are an absolute necessity and they should never lose sight of them.

Keep Your Social Profile Clean

Keeping your social profile clean is important for mastering the art of networking. Students that fail to understand that more often than not find themselves in trouble with the school administration. Having inappropriate content displayed on your social network profiles is going to drive away possible recruiters and people that you should have connections with in order to secure a good job in future. Most online students when applying for a job would find the objectionable material posted on their social profiles being the reason for not getting hired. Thus, it is of critical importance that you do not post anything controversial on your social networking profiles.

Keep Your Eyes Open

Social networks are among the primary targets for stalkers too. Since a student is most likely to share his important information on his social profile, stalking him becomes extremely easy. It is thus necessary that you keep your eyes open on the social network and not add any person who you do not know well. Profiles that don’t have many friends should be avoided at all costs since they are the ones that are mostly made to track and monitor the interactions of the online students on social networks.



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