Paid Internships Are Out There – How to Find One


Thousands of students look for internships every year. The competition is stiff and it also doesn’t help that most organizations do not pay their interns or even hire interns at all. However, this shouldn’t dampen your search for an internship that pays because there are quite many out there. Companies such as Facebook pay their interns $6000 per month, which is more than what a lot of full-time employees earn. When it comes to internships, what matters most is the experience you get out of them, however it also helps if you can get paid while at it. Today, we will be giving you some crucial tips on how to find internships that pay.

Set Your Priorities Right

You need to have a plan and identify what matters most. What are you looking for in an internship? Do you want to gain career experience or are you just looking for funds that will help you support your tuition? Knowing this will help you identify the kind of companies to approach based on the remunerations they give interns.

Identify Potential Employees

Focus on companies you would like to work for. Make a list of these companies and begin learning as much as you can about them so that can create a resume that will actually attract their attention. Remember that most organizations do not like to pay interns and your focus will most probably narrow down to large corporations and private companies. Such organizations are looking for the best and this is why they pay. Your resume and cover letter need to stand out. Creating a great resume should therefore be your next step.

Develop Your Resume

Like we mentioned, there is stiff competition with paid internships and your resume must be to the standards of the company you are applying to. Your resume cannot be a copy and paste of the average student it needs to stand out from the pack to attract the attention of the recruiter. What value does the company gain from hiring you?

Send Out Applications Early

One of the major mistakes students make is to look for internships after the semester is over. There is no harm in starting early and you should send your application three months in advance. The best way to go about this is to call the Human Resource department of the organizations that interest you and get information on their upcoming internships. Early applications show a sense of initiative and are given more attention since there is less competition.

Follow Up

Not many people know the value of following up but this actually helps a great deal. It doesn’t matter whether you send the application in person or sent it online, you can always follow up and there are various ways to do that. Send an email directly to the coordinator or call and ask to speak to the person coordination the internship recruitment. Most of the time your call will be directed to the person in charge and you can use that call to sell yourself as you follow up on whether or not your application was received.

A go-getter attitude is a great attitude to have when applying for paid internships. Make cold calls and do not get discouraged by the rejections you get. Remember that the more applications you send out, the higher your chances of getting a paid internship.


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