Top Degrees in Demand for 2013


Getting a good job or just a job has never been harder. The skills on demand are changing as some are even becoming obsolete altogether. Now, even going to college does not guarantee you job security since employers’ demand levels keep varying as the times go by. It is therefore important to ensure that you pursue one of the top degrees if you wish to get yourself a good and long lasting career.

This year, we have seen a tremendous shift in terms of the degrees employers are yearning for. Information technology, entrepreneurial, administration and professions that involve critical thinking are just some of the opportunities that are increasingly becoming popular and offering really good financial incentives as well. Below are some of the top degrees to pursue in 2013:

Healthcare Administration

Healthcare administration is proving to be one of the most popular degrees this year. This bachelor’s degree comes with a lot of potential in terms of the jobs you could get since the healthcare sector is very diverse. Healthcare has also become booming business and with so many private clinics, nursing facilities, urgent care facilities, hospitals and public health agencies that are state run, you will not have trouble making use of this degree. Some of the roles you could get with this degree are: health service manager, hospital administrator, health information technician amongst others.

Forensics and Criminal Science

Having watched investigation programs such as CSI, you probably have a good idea on what a Bachelors Degree in Forensics and Criminal Science entails. This is a sector that does not have too many employees and one that involves critical thinking and great attention to detail. With such a degree, you are preparing yourself to work in a forensics laboratory investigating crimes using DNA samples. As long as there are violent crimes being committed, you can bet that this profession is going to be useful and on demand. Some of the jobs you could get with this degree include: forensic scientist, forensic science technician, forensic investigator, evidence technician, fingerprint examiner and others.

Business Administration

A Bachelors Degree in Business Administration is one of the most sought after degrees in these times. This is a rather versatile area of study and one that covers various key topics such as economics, business law, finance and others. This is a degree that could see you land a job in any sector and particularly the business sector. In case you haven’t noticed, even the top business schools are creating programs in business administration for top entrepreneurs and business owners. This just goes to show you that this is a very hot degree right now. With such a degree, you could land a job in various departments such as human resource and finance just to mention a few. Some of the job titles you could get with this degree are: business consultant, financial planner, budget analyst, underwriter and others.

As you can see, current job trends are leaning toward leadership roles and problem solving abilities. Other top degrees you may want to consider this year are: engineering, accounting as well as homeland security.

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