The Best Online Degrees to Get in 2013

When you are about to invest in your education, there is more to choosing your degree than just what it is you like to do.  You need to choose a degree that will allow you to bring home the whole pig not just the bacon.  Employment in career fields change about every ten years with only a few exceptions.  The best online degrees to get in 2013 are those that will still be available in 2016 and 2020.  These are the top five.

The Number One Best Degree

Beyond all other degrees, the number one best degree to seek is in Engineering.  This is true whether you acquire a degree in Biomedical Engineering or in Information Technology Engineering.  When you first begin an online engineering program, you will be required to take certain basic courses and as you progress forward, you will need to narrow your field.  As a result, you have time to explore your preferences for your final degree.

Support Services for Medical Specialties

Nursing, Sonogram Analysts and degrees that lead to becoming a Physician’s Assistant fall into second place in the top five careers for the next ten years.  These are opportunities that cannot be outsourced to or done strictly as a remote occupation.  While many are supported by internet technology, the need for direct interaction with individuals will always be required.

Software and Applications Developers

Among the best online degrees to get in 2013, one in IT software development comes in at number three.  The reason for this is that companies of all sizes and across all industries need people who understand how to utilize software, which software best suits their complex integrated technology and that know how to market a company’s products using social media.

Accounting Degrees in Forensic Auditing and Finance

Accounting degrees are useful and necessary to control costs, inventory and keep a business in the black.  You would need a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting in order to further your education in Forensic Accounting and Auditing as well as for Finance support degrees.  Jobs in public and private sectors continue to have well-paid openings in the following specialties:

  • Managerial Accounting
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Non-profit Government Accounting

Educators in Specific Areas

The information age and technology has finally infiltrated the field of education.  There are not a lot of traditional teacher jobs but teaching jobs in the specific areas with degrees in English Learner and Instructional Design are more in demand.  With the first, English Learner, the specialty focuses on teaching English as a second language not only in school settings but in corporate settings, as well.  Teachers with a degree in Instructional Design are very much needed to guide the education departments through developing online classes for primary and secondary school students in online classes.

Top Pay for Starting Positions

Each of the best online degrees to get in 2013 listed above includes excellent compensation for starting positions.  By getting your degree online in a field that will be there when you graduate, is an important consideration when you choose the field for your future career.