Fast Degrees that Count Life Experience for Credit

There is no doubt that the economic conditions of today make most students work when they are in school so as to meet their own requirements, and so as to make both ends meet. Many students even give up education for a couple of years to get financially stable before rejoining college to continue with their graduation programs. Even during graduation, work is a part of the life of most students and this further delays their graduation as they take up fewer courses in each semester.

However, students don’t need to curse their luck and count the years that they will have to spend in college before they would graduate with a degree in their hands now. Ever since accredited colleges and universities started to reward students who earn a lot of experience in a particular field while studying, students can surely rejoice. So, how do the colleges reward the students? The reward usually comes in the form of credits awarded for the life and work experience of the student. The process through which the credits might be awarded might differ but there are a number of cases where students find that they only need to complete a couple of high-credit courses to graduate from the university.

Yet, there is need for caution too. While it is true that there are fast degrees available that count life experience for credit, before we talk about the ‘experiences’ which would help you get some extra credits, it is important to touch on scams which try to con students in exchange of a fast degree.

Beware of the Scams

Ever since a few accredited colleges start to award credits to students who proved that they have gained enough experience and knowledge as that of a student who takes a given course, many scams have propped up on a similar theme. The scams go a bit further than an accredit college and offer a legitimate degree within a week or so after evaluation of your experience. As is the case in every scam, there is a heavy fee involved.

It remains important that students properly differentiate between a fast degree life experience scam and the offer of fast tracking your degree on the basis of credits for your work experience. The former would offer you a degree within seven days which seems a blasphemy in its own right while the latter would only offer you the chance to cut a few months of studies by making use of your work experience. As you must have understood by now, the former is a scam while the latter is a legitimate offer for hardworking students.

Experience that Counts

Many students (some mischievously) believe that any ‘life experience’ would get them a few credits. However, this is so not the case. Relevant experience to the field or any subject or course that is taught as a part of the curriculum is what would cut you a good deal as far as getting rewarded with credits for experience is concerned. For instance, if you are pursuing an MBA degree and you have been working as a small hotel manager then you should be able to get credits for courses like ‘corporate management’ etc. Similarly, training courses that you did on job would also count as ‘experience’ that can help in getting you a few credits.

All in all, by ensuring that you pursue an offer of a fast degree that counts life experience from an accredited college, you can make sure that you minimize the time you spend in college before you can carve a career for yourself and can start earning big!