Five Questions to Ask When Making Your Online Degree Choice


The number of online colleges is increasing by the day, and while this is a good thing, it also brings about the challenges of identifying a great school. There are far too many online colleges that offer unaccredited courses and you need to ensure that you are investing in the right institution.

Question #1: Is Online Study The Right Fit For Your Career?

This is a question you need to ask yourself. Online study is not always the best form of study, especially if you are taking on a course that is highly practical. Hands-on courses such as instructional design are best studied in a traditional classroom environment since they require much practical work and that teacher-student interaction will come in handy. You also need to think about what the job market has in store for you because not many people will want to hire a structural designer or nurse with an online degree.

Question #2: Is the School Accredited?

You need to first and foremost ensure that the school is accredited to offer the course you seek to study. Are the degrees recognized by the relevant bodies? It would be a sad scenario study a degree online only to realize that you cannot use it to pursue further education or even get employment. Do your research before paying for any online course.

Question #3: How Does The Program Work?

You need to know what you are getting into since different online courses are run differently. Not all online courses are provided in the same way. Some online colleges have what they call study at your own pace while others are instructional. Most of the online courses that let students study at their own pace have eBooks that they provide and video recordings and may lack a live instructor. There is also the issue of educational support. Is there after class support for students? It would be better if you could access support either by video or chat. You want to go to a school that provides as much support as it can to its students. Many online institutions do not provide enough support to their students and this leads to high dropout and failure rates.

Question #4: Is The Course Marketable?

You need to get a return on your educational investment and the course you take up must be marketable. The last thing you need is a student loan that you cannot repay because you cannot find a job. Do your research and identify the right course and how the industry reacts to online courses.

Question #5: How Much Will It Cost?

Sometimes, people wrongly assume that online courses are cheap, but there may be instances when an online course may be costlier. There are software programs to buy and you also need to factor in the cost of internet considering you will be online for a much longer time. Sometimes the difference may be minimal and you might want to analyze the costs to see which mode of learning is most beneficial.


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