What Do Employers Really Think Of Online Degrees?


One of the largest questions that people have pertaining to an online education is how employers are going to react to it. Will they feel that it’s lesser than a traditional degree, or will they accept it as equal or even think more highly of one?

The way that the majority of employers view online degrees has changed over the last few years, much for the better of those who are interested in pursuing this type of education.

There was a time when many employers felt that online degrees weren’t worth much at all. This is due in part because it was a new and emerging sector, and also because there weren’t many legitimate and well known universities offering fully accredited diplomas. But as more and more schools have started providing online education, more employers are realizing that the degrees are legitimate.

Today, online courses do not have nearly any of the stigma that they had perhaps a decade ago. You still may come across a skeptical employer, which is why its first important to stress the quality of your education on your resume. List the degree you received, the online school you received it from, your GPA and the major coursework or projects you completed.

Also be prepared to answer any questions when in an interview. Explaining the process of taking classes online, why you chose to do so and how challenging it was will help show an employer that the degree is legit.

It’s of course also important that you choose a fully accredited program to pursue your degree with, but that should go without saying and not be much of a problem with the many choices prospective students have today.

Some employers even view online degrees as having more value than their traditional counterparts. One reason for this is the use of, familiarization and mastery of new technologies that are vital to businesses. Businesses are becoming more reliant on things such as webinars and video conferencing, and therefore an online student’s experience in these fields could prove to be quite valuable. Being able to demonstrate how much hands on experience you have with emerging technologies such as these can give you an edge over another candidate.

Additionally, as time has gone on, the word has spread that online degrees require a great deal of time, effort and commitment. Completing an online program shows that you are a driven individual that can succeed independently. You also likely completed your program while juggling other responsibilities such as a job, kids or both. Therefore, you will prove your value to your employer by showing how you successfully completed all of these things. Employers love people who can handle lots of challenging responsibilities at once and emerge successful and unscathed.

Thankfully, the stigma of the online degree is now longer present in most cases. Employers may even think more highly of you for completing an online program. Be sure to pursue an accredited degree and be prepared to highlight the benefits of an online program to any prospective employer during the hiring and interviewing process.

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