Top Online Accounting Degrees 2013

If you are one of those who loves working with numbers, balancing accounts or finding out where the missing money went, this is your year.  The top online accounting degrees 2013 lead their holders to some of the most desirable jobs that are expected to stay in top demand for the next ten years.  The shortage of accountants to fill the support needs of major corporations, government accounting agencies, financial adviser offices and private businesses that specialize in forensic work is dire.

Specialty Areas in Accounting Degrees

Do you share characteristics normally considered belonging to detectives but cannot decide if you prefer to play with numbers or find missing information?  Accounting degrees in specialties such as the following may be the key to your future success.

  • Forensic Accounting
  • Managerial Accountancy
  • Government and Non-Profit Accountancy
  • Auditing

Courts use forensic accountants to determine if either party of a legal action has doctored accounts, hid money that the other party has a right to know about, or has invested in illegal activities.  These accountants are in very high demand and average $125.00 hour for their services.

Managerial Accountants oversee the management of corporate financial paperwork, align the cost and efficiency of inventory, and keep the business in the black.  Top online accounting degrees 2013 provide the special knowledge for several areas of business areas incorporated as part of the expertise in demand.

Government and Non-profit accounting includes working with statisticians, analyzing data related to unemployment numbers, areas of government that need more money to operate efficiently and those departments who are able to downsize without affecting their functionality.

Auditing accountants are specialists in auditing private firms, financial institutions records and investment firms that sell products to less knowledgeable persons.  There are private and public jobs awaiting accountants in this field including openings with the SEC for auditing financial investment firms that were engaged in risky behaviors.  There are also openings for auditors in the Federal Banking Oversight offices for continuous auditing of banking practices.

Accounting Skills for Other Employment Opportunities

An accounting degree provides you with heightened skills that are needed in other positions by private and public sector employers.  Analytical abilities are more clearly defined when you are taught methods to use them efficiently.  Management courses prepare you to understand the details of managing any business and the ethical concerns of running a profitable business.  Financial management courses entitle you to move into inventory accounting even before you have your certification.

Online Bachelor Degrees in Accounting

Any of the top online accounting degrees 2013 will allow you to start increasing your income even before you are certified by applying for affiliated fields where your skills can be utilized immediately.  Online bachelor degrees are equally as valid as those from a brick and mortar university or college but can be completed faster.  Employers around the nation need new people to take the place of the accounting staff that is retiring. Multinational corporations need accountants who are trained in the methodologies used by Western firms and those who can analyze data quickly.  If you are thinking that accounting is an area of interest, check out the variety of online accounting degrees now available.