Common Fields for an Online Bachelor’s Degree

With the convenience and flexibility of bachelor degree online programs offered by accredited colleges and universities, hordes of college bound students are opting for the online experience. However, there are fields that are more popular than others. For the most part, those seeking a bachelor’s degree online are choosing fields that offer a variety of potential jobs positions and projected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) to have more than average growth in the future years. Here’s a list of some of the most popular.


Many business experts feel there are number of factors influencing the increase in interest for acquiring a bachelor’s in business. According to David Eby, associate president at Southern New Hampshire University, students gain an edge in a business program by broadening horizons beyond a single zip code and also learn computer skills that are used in the business world. The job opportunities for those with a degree in business covers a wide range of opportunities, including financial consultants, general accountants, inventory controllers and merchandising managers.

Computer and Information Technology

The constant need for IT specialists just about equals job marketability and security. A bachelor’s degree in computer information and technology prepares students for many different careers within a wide array of industries, including Internet support specialist, help desk technician, database administrator, information security officer, database administrator and computer program designer. Students with a bachelor’s degree in IT can also pursue additional certifications through Cisco and Microsoft for increased career opportunities. With a projected growth of 17 percent from the BLS and median average wage of $115,000, a bachelor’s degree in IT is very attractive and a popular choice for online college students.


With the advances in healthcare and the aging baby boomers, the need for nurses is expected to grow by 22 percent through 2018. Those securing a bachelor’s degree in nursing will have many opportunities for hire in hospitals, nursing homes, home health care services and employment services. Along with positive job opportunities on the horizon, the median average salary for nurses is $67,000. Like with business and IT degrees, job opportunity and a more-than-average salary in nursing make choosing this field popular.


A study by Eduventures recently revealed a 20 percent increase in online students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in psychology. In addition to a personal interest in the inner workings of human behavior, the increase in popularity in this field is likely due to the wide range of job opportunities available with this type of degree. Job opportunities include social worker, treatment specialist and corrections officer. The average median salary for these positions is $50,000. Many online students with a bachelor degree in psychology go on to pursue a master’s degree in psychology in order to expand their job opportunities, such as opening a private practice in therapy.

Other popular fields of study for those pursuing online bachelor degrees include criminal justice, communications, education and healthcare. Without a doubt, pursuing a bachelor’s degree online is on the rise.