Top Online Teacher Education Programs 2013

Over the last few years, the number of graduating teachers have found it difficult to get hired due to the lack of funding that the U.S. Congress has allotted for education spending supplements to states.  This does not mean that there are too many teachers, however.  It does mean that if you want to become a teacher, choosing your special field is more essential than ever before.  There are openings for specialized fields and the demand is greater than ever before.  The top online teacher education programs 2013 are those where education programs focus on what used to be the sidelines of education.

Where Are the Vacancy in Teacher Jobs

It doesn’t matter which area of the country you live in or will live in after you graduate with a bachelor’s degree in education.  The job vacancies that are in demand in New York are the same that are in more demand in Michigan and Mississippi.

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Instructional Design
  • Bachelor’s Degree in English Language Learner Studies
  • Bachelor’s Degrees in Early Childhood Education

The combination of more parents choosing to provide Home Schooling, computer classes in public schools including supplemental online class activities and the shortage of funding for public school systems nationwide is creating a greater need for teachers who are able to design instructional materials for online classes.

More and more departments of education at the state and local levels are joining forces with online teacher associations in exploring this possibility of providing equal education for all their students at a lower cost.  Among the top online teacher education programs 2013,  a bachelor’s degree with a specialty in Instructional design is the most sought after and highest paid for entry-level teachers.

The second highest teacher education program in demand is one that provides a bachelor’s degree for teachers that are willing and able to teach English as a second language.  Not only is there a demand in public elementary and secondary schools, night schools, GED programs and major multinational corporations are hiring teachers to instruct in this field.  As the global economy broadens and corporations enter new countries such as Brazil, Venezuela and Russia, the need to teach English as a second language becomes essential to profitable success.  English is the language of businesses and the employees need to comprehend the purposes and goals from an English language perspective.

Early Childhood Education specialties are on the rise again as the value of investing in education for pre-k and kindergarten aged children is shown to have long-term positive affects on society at large and on individual ability to succeed.

Online Bachelor Degrees in Specialty Teaching Fields

Any of the top online teacher education programs 2013 that offer the special fields discussed are bound to open the doors to job opportunities that differ from previous years.  If you have the desire to share knowledge and advance civilization through technology, language or early educational opportunities, finding an online degree program that fits those niche areas is going to produce the best financial potential over the next ten years.