Get a Quick Degree with a High Graduation Rate

College graduation rates are a key topic in the national agenda. Politicians, philanthropists and education experts are all challenging institutions of higher learning to help students in not only earning quality degrees but to complete their college education. Many colleges and universities will admit that they still desire to have better graduation rates. Statistics show that only 54.1% of students who enroll for college for the first time end up graduating. This is just over half of those who enroll in colleges and universities. About 37 million Americans have college credits yet no degree. If you were to calculate this by percentage, you will see that it boils down to about 20% of the population within the working age bracket.

Why the Low Graduation Rate?

There are various things can attribute to the low rate of graduation and some of these are:

  • Higher education is costly
  • Poor job market
  • Unfulfilling training
  • Long study durations

Of course there are many more reasons but these are the major ones we will try to tackle at this moment. The number one reason why many people will enroll in college and not graduate with their degree is because higher education is quite expensive. Not many can afford it and many believe that it’s not worth the student debt. While the value of a college degree cannot be overlooked, the job market is also quite unpredictable and many degree holders are without jobs. College students see this and opt out. Students also fail to get what they expected when they first enrolled for the course and they really have no clear direction on what they are doing. Another very discouraging aspect of college is the amount of time it takes. Most college degrees will take about four years to complete and many students feel as though this is too long a time and opt to pursue their career without the degree.

Quick Degrees are Increasing Graduation Rates

The fact that you can shave off a couple of semesters from your study duration is something that is encouraging many students to get that college degree. If you are looking for a quick degree, you also need to ensure that the degree is marketable. Degrees that have great job prospects tend to have a higher graduation rates and some of the most lucrative degrees you may want to consider are:

  • Business Administration
  • Computer Science
  • Healthcare Administration
  • Communications
  • Accounting

Why Go For A Degree with a High Graduation Rate?

It’s important to think about the graduation rate of the course you are taking. While it definitely means more competition in the job market, it also indicates a clear demand for the degree. A quick degree with a high graduation rate also indicates that the course work is manageable and that it is relevant.

Quick degrees give you a chance to get started on your career much faster and they require that you put more focus on the result as opposed to the quick experience.