Different Approaches to Job Hunting: Numbers Game vs. Niche Approach


There are different approaches to consider when applying for jobs online. You may benefit from being flexible and using a variety of techniques at different times depending on your capacity and needs.

Today, we visit: The Numbers Game Approach

The Theory

By finding as many job opportunities as possible, and by applying to as many postings as possible, you are increasing your chances of getting hired.

The Reality

The theory has merit but if the approach is not strategic then it could waste a lot of your time and distract you from a more efficient search. What do I mean by being strategic? Try to find a match or fit with your wants and skills and the requirements of the position. You can then prioritize opportunities and apply in order of most desirable or best fit with your criteria, focusing your energy on the best opportunities.

You are trying to make the connection between your assets and skills and the requirements of the position. A mass blasting of the same resume or profile for all job opportunities will make it more challenging for certain employers to see a fit. Remember you are trying to stand out and make a case that you present an advantage over other applicants.

What is Competitive Advantage?

Competitive advantage is a skill or other attribute that gives you and advantage over others – a differentiator. If you are lacking in experience, I would recommend focusing on other attributes such as soft skills or work ethic.

The Niche Website Approach

The Theory

Many websites, such as Dice.com with its technology focus, are dedicated to specific industries or sectors (niche) and present opportunities that relate to their specific focus or user interests.

The Reality

Focus is good but in today’s economy you will need to consider a broad strategy that might see you apply to several different companies, different kinds of positions, in different industries or areas of interest. For example, if you are looking for a position as a Web and Graphic Designer, you will find great opportunities on a site such as Dice.com but you may not see thousands of postings in the not-for-profit sector or with smaller companies that do not have the budgets to post jobs on sites that charge for this service as is often the case.

Keep Digging

Jobs are typically posted based on how recently the employer has finalized the posting, to the minute, hour or day. You should always dig deeper than today or even this week’s postings. An opportunity from a couple of months ago might still be accepting applications and it could be a better fit for you than more recently posted job opportunities. There is no relationship between the quality of the job opportunity and the history of the posting which is determined based on the employer’s needs.


The Search

What Am I Looking For?

Employment websites typically have a search tool that allows you to enter keywords for “What” position or job you are looking for and “Where” you are looking to find job openings. You can find this on many home pages or through the main navigation tabs often labeled “Job Search” or “Find Jobs”.



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