How to Find, Apply For and Get Jobs Online


Do Your Homework

There is a lot of information available to you about employers and companies. Not only does each have a website, but many have a separate website dedicated just for human resources and building relationships with candidates. You can search for press releases and blog postings that will give you more insight into employers’ activities and business focus, and make reference to these where appropriate, in your communications or cover letter.
Many websites such as or feature databases of current information on companies, including key individuals in human resources or recruiting managers.
Remember that you are not researching a thesis here but are looking for one or two nuggets of information that can help you make a positive impression. Demonstrating interest, showing you will extend yourself to the company and establishing some common ground are valuable in building a connection with a potential employer. Everyone likes to talk about themselves and employers are no different.


Jump In

Your toolbox is full. You have done your research. You’re feeling good about your skills and credentials. Now it is time for some positive results!
Many job seekers start with large job boards such as and or aggregators such as or which collect and post jobs from other sites. You may want to consider smaller more local niche sites that can be found in the directory of this guide.
Begin your online search by using focused keywords and click right through on some job opportunities to see the range of qualifications that employers are looking for. This will help you become more familiar and comfortable with the process.
You can also practice by going through the application process for a few jobs that you know are not of interest to you. This will familiarize you with the effort needed to complete an application, important because your determination and effort are directly related to the likelihood of achieving positive results. If you feel confident about finding work this will be reflected in your commitment to results and also in the tone and substance of your communications which will be read by employers.

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