Maintaining Your Electrician’s License


Believe it or not, there are some electricians that slack off after getting their license and take it for granted that they have learned all that they need to learn.  The truth is, as a licensed electrician maintaining your license requires keeping up with the latest modifications and technological inventions that are making their way into the general market.  For example, green technology is on the forefront for electricians in industrial plants as well as residential settings.

Review Yearly

There are many advances taking place in the electrical field today and if you wait more than 12-months to update your knowledge in the areas, you will be unprepared to meet the local codes and regulations regarding new components.  In addition to that, you may have to explain to an inspector or other workers what a new component does to improve the safety and composition of the equipment you are using on the job.  The following should be reviewed yearly:

  • Safety rules and regulations that meet or exceed OSHA standards
  • Latest industry equipment to improve production and cost efficiency
  • Modifications in the local electrical codes
  • Standards for electrical components and installations for government projects including federal, state, county and local townships
  • Courses online or at your local colleges and trade schools that will enhance your ability to expand your certification for additional jobs including the newest in CAD software and bidding processes in a virtual environment


Electricians who spend a great deal of time in the office at the drafting table and reading codes often become less physically fit than they should.  A yearly check up with your health care provider and participating in a sport at least one day a week keeps you healthy and your mind sharp.

Becoming a Better Electrician

With the economy continuing to stagnate, many electricians are concerned about keeping their jobs.  Those who own electrical contracting companies are fighting for business and facing decisions about who to retain and who to cut if the business falls below a certain level.  In both instances, becoming a better electrician is the best way to shield yourself and your workers from losing out when a job is needed more than ever.

One way to ensure that you and your entire crew are doing all possible to maintain your job and your license is by taking additional classes at a local trade school or online.  Doing this as a group is one of the best ways to push each other to the next level of expertise.

Take classes that will help you work in areas that you don’t work yet – nuclear plants, solar installations, and wind generated electrical systems are coming into their own.   Take advantage of these new systems and look for opportunities to work with them.

Start a weekly activity where electricians and apprentices can gather together to socialize.  Vary the activities.  For example, during spring and summer baseball or softball teams could be one activity.  Running events or biking events are an alternative. Everyone loves to compete and an occasional contest between tradesmen can inspire everyone to sharpen their skills.















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