Shape Your Job Search Environment For Success


Treating your job search as though it’s a job is a great approach that will help you stay focused and efficient in your quest. This will also help you shape a routine that you are comfortable with and see you progress through goals or milestones such as sending out a minimum of fifty job applications per week.
Your work environment plays an important part in helping you stay motivated. You will want this to be a place that has few distractions and somewhere you can concentrate and perform well in. Yes, perform. How you execute your search, the words you choose, the care that you bring to your efforts and communication are all factors in how successful you will be in finding what you want.
You might be in for a long haul with your job searching, so put some time and effort in to setting yourself up for success. Think about what you may need including:

1. Room or space with good lighting and ventilation which will help keep you energized
2. A desk or table and comfortable chair
3. Desktop or laptop computer with an Internet connection; if this is not possible consider a library or college
4. A memo board or mini-whiteboard to keep track of notes and other bits of information; you can also use this for brainstorming and ideas like “Reach out to Sorority sisters for contacts” or “follow up with Chris’s dad the Banker”
5. Shelf or filing cabinet (optional depending on documents and resources that you need to help you with your searching)
6. Printer, scanner, and/or fax (optional but convenient especially if you can’t access a retailer that offers copy and fax services; think about what will happen if someone presents you with an offer or employment agreement from a far-away city or region)

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