Sourcing Job Openings: How it works


It is helpful to understand the approaches used by recruiters or hiring managers in case you experience these or need to communicate with someone actively engaged in sourcing.

Primary sourcing > Phone sourcing

Primary sourcing in this context means the use or leveraging of techniques, primarily the phone, to identify potential job candidates without accessing information via the public forum (the Internet, published list, etc.). It requires the uncovering of candidate information by calling directly into organizations to uncover data on people, their role, title and responsibilities. The terms “phone sourcers” or “phone name generators” generally apply to the utilization of primary sourcing techniques.

Secondary sourcing > Internet sourcing

Secondary sourcing means the use of techniques, primarily the Internet, to gather information and identify candidates. Some individuals in the recruiting industry have great expertise in uncovering talent in the harder to reach places on the internet such as forums and blogs. You should be aware of this new approach and be sensitive to it throughout your job searching and networking. The terms “internet sourcers” or “internet researchers” generally apply to the use of secondary sourcing techniques.

Some common recruiting techniques include:

l  Using agents on major search engine sites to identify potential candidates who might meet the criteria of the position to be filled based on targeted keywords (e.g. a link to your professional profile comes up via Google search for registrants of a Health Care Virtual Job Fair in Miami)

l  Searching for candidates in job boards or career sites using keywords related to the position requirements (e.g. match keywords featured in your resume which is accessible via their database if you’ve uploaded it)

l  Looking in personal recruitment database

l  Networking with individuals to uncover candidates including everything from blog reading to social and professional network group membership and activity

l  Cold calling or phone sourcing into companies in search of candidates that match the key requirements of the position that needs to be filled.

The Essentials  

Key Points >

  1. Consider different approaches to your search including niche and local websites
  2. Read and review job postings in detail to ensure that you are following instructions through the application process
  3. Action plan! Jump in, keep digging and always follow up after applying
+ Spend time familiarizing yourself with job search tools on websites so that you can easily understand how results (job postings) are presented
+ Treat your job search like a job and set goals or milestones if these help you stay motivated such as a minimum number of completed applications per week


Key Resource >

What/Where Job Search Tool and Results!







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